Are You Part of The Problem?

Do you get frustrated at times with people you care about looking at you like you’re a couple slices short of a loaf? Would you like to be more successful in helping your fellowmen become more self-reliant?  Then read on with an open mind and heart because I’ve got some “tough love” to pass on to you; but I do so knowing that if you take to heart my suggestions two great consequences will come about 1) You’ll become more sure and competent in your own preparedness efforts, thus providing you with a greater abundance of peace and 2) You’ll fare much better in convincing others to step up their self-reliance efforts. Surely no one would turn away such perks, would they?

Jim Rohn, one of my favorite authors puts it like this, “If you want more, you’ve got to BE more.”  If you want more success in your own pursuit of self-reliance AND in helping your loved ones get there too, then you’ve got to kick up your efforts, take this preparedness stuff more seriously, and stop providing the naysayers with evidence that you’re a wacko. I’d say that this advice applies even to the most intelligent and diligent of preppers.  We all can do better about mastering our self-reliance efforts and if we do, we’ll not only find our own lives influenced for the good, but we’ll find ourselves a more credible influence for the benefit of others.

The two most powerful weapons that any terrorists have at their disposal have nothing to do with the sharpness of a blade, the caliber of a bullet, or the impact of their explosives. Instead, it’s fear. Fear is their greatest leverage. Their second greatest weapon they have to use against us is distraction. One of the first rules I ever taught a new sales trainee was that “whoever is more committed, wins. If you’re more committed to making the sale than they are in turning you down, then you’re leaving with a check.”  Well, the same goes for those who would tear down in our efforts of self-reliance.  Take the radical division of Muslims as an example.  They pray faithfully several times of the day, without fail. There’s no distraction for them in this devotion. It doesn’t matter if they are hiking, giving a sales presentation, or at a black tie function; they will stop what they are doing and pray facing the direction of Mecca several times a day at a specific time without fail.  Additionally, they are educated from a very young age the rewards of dying. Death does not frighten them. They look at death as a relief of their trials and also with the view that their eternal bliss with 72 virgins is only a simple step away—death while fighting in the name of Allah is preferable. Convenience plays no role in this commitment, neither does someone pointing at them laughing and calling them crazy.  Fear and distraction have very little place in their world.

Now, let’s look at ourselves by comparison.

How many times are you provided with a link to a video, or sent the e-mail message that claims that apocalyptic danger, collapse, catastrophe, or disaster is right around the corner because a truck driver friend of my cousin said she saw XYZ, so share it with everyone you know. You can even verify it with Snopes.”

Come on. You know what I’m talking about. In fact, I received one of these e-mails just the other day even claiming that “Snopes verfies this.”  And you want to know what? Even though I wouldn’t use Snopes to verify my own birthday  it never ceases to amaze me that I can receive these kinds of e-mails only to find that, in fact, Snopes even says it’s a bunch of hooey! And yet for some reason dozens and dozens of folks have sent this e-mail around and never even bothered to confirm that at least the proclamations of Snopes’ endorsement of the matter was accurate. Forwarding or contributing to the dissemination of fear-inducing information only accomplishes the destruction of the strongest asset we all have—peace. And it also distracts us from our focus—self-reliance. If we want more peace and more focus in our preparedness efforts, then we need to stop playing the literal role of the Devil’s Advocate and stop spreading fear and distraction around to others. If we want to be standing when all of the dust settles, then we need to be just as committed to such a cause as our enemies. (Why in the world would anyone want to play the devils’ advocate? Doesn’t he have enough advocates?)

So what can you do to strengthen your greatest asset of peace? First and foremost, get informed. Verify important matters before you act on it, either spiritually or physically or both.  Don’t allow yourself to share information that starts with “I’ve heard that” or “I’ve read somewhere” or “some lady told me” etc.  Take the time and commitment to know your stuff for yourself.

Secondly, when someone sends you a YouTube link like this:


think for yourselves. I don’t doubt the sincerity of the person trying to sound a warning bell. But without me knowing verifiable information, personally knowing the source who’s conveying the information, etc., I don’t usually give it much stock other than an “Interesting.” What makes this “interesting” to me is that it gives me more hypothetical situations to mentally entertain and thus more counter-moves to create. But until I have something more verifiable, that’s all these kinds of things are to me.

I can’t tell you how many things I have filed in the “interesting” category. Then again, there are an awful lot of bits of information which started out as “interesting” but were later corroborated by a great deal of congruent information, changing it from “interesting” to “reality” or “strong probability.” That only happens though when I can verify something from all angles. Sometimes I’ll share that kind of information with others, but only so that they can view it, make a “gut check” evaluation, run through mental possibilities and countermoves for themselves, and also file it away with the intent of “wait and see.” When it comes to something like this, just file it away as a “possibility” and then if you hear more chatter of this type down the road, from sources that you can verify, then and only then, put any stock into it. If you think it has any merit, then “file it” away mentally in its own “file” with other similar claims or topics. Once you start seeing that file get bigger and bigger, then perhaps you’ll want to do some more research on the matter to give it credence.  When I see such a video, I may only see it as “interesting” from the standpoint that it might support information which I’ve already filed. When or if I have the credence I need to be viable, then I will share it clearly, with details (none of this “I’m not going to share the name of…” garbage), and specifics. When you can communicate on a topic in that manner, then you get attention—the good kind of attention and you actually have a shot at being influential to the persons you care about.

Next, when something confronts your present way of thinking or viewing your circumstances, discipline yourself to stop and take an assessment of the situation. Ask yourself “is this simply distracting me from what I know is important or is it something that needs my attention?”  Your “gut check” will answer that question just fine and the better you are at strengthening your spiritual awareness, the less likely you are to be deceived. Go ahead and apply some good old fashioned logic to the situation. For example, on the YouTube video the gal says all kinds of vanilla phrases such as “we got a report in from someone.” Who’s the someone? Who in the heck are YOU that we should trust you?  If you’re info is accurate then why in the world won’t you give us specific names such as which company has typically been doing the deliveries? Etc. Personally, I filed this video in my mental “F.E.M.A. Activity file” because I have been hearing an awful lot of it lately—but not enough for me to write a well researched article on it. Until that time, it simply remains in the “interesting” category, flaws and all.

Next, if you focus on peaceful preparedness efforts, then you will not easily be swayed by the distracting magic tricks that come your way. Take this YouTube video as an example, once again. Sure, I’m going to ask myself “What if there really is something going awry?” If you’ve been diligent in your self-reliance efforts then such a foreboding message won’t bring out fear, rather it will shore up your peace because you will know that you’ve done all you could do to be prepared for something such as this. Remember, prepare for the worst and let God take care of the rest.” If you intercept such a message and find yourself woefully unprepared for a tough time, then the only answer that will get you anywhere is for you to move forward in a peaceful, focused manner anyway.  Driving to the store or gas station with panic, suspicion, betrayal, or fear will do you little good because when all is said and done, the devil deserts his own. He can do you no good when things get tough because he’s too busy making things tough for other people. Instead you need to stay committed to focused and peaceful efforts.

Most importantly of all, if anything like this is viewed or read by a person who’s been diligent in their preparedness efforts, then it shouldn’t bring up feelings of panic. If it does, it’s a good indicator you need to shore up the first two Principles of Preparedness, Spiritual Preparedness and Mental Preparedness. The ideal response scenario you want to have when you’re exposed to stuff like this (whether it’s on the evening news, in your e-mail, or delivered to your mailbox) is to be a simple, peaceful one; and in control like Chuck Norris would be if he was entering a martial arts competition against all of the Miss USA contestants. Yea. Don’t worry.  You’ve got this…

As I shared previously, there is honor in preparedness, but there is also responsibility. If preparedness minded people don’t want to be viewed as crazy then perhaps they should stop buying into all of the crazy stuff that is circulated for no other purpose than to make us look crazy and unreliable.  With honor comes responsibility. And I believe that if we are smart enough to look out for the well-being of our family and friends, then we need to have that same mindset impacting the way we dispense information as well. Truly, we can do better. And the response when we do better and take pride in our reputations is that we then become a viable resource of information. There’s nothing disloyal in double-checking information. Even if it comes from a friend or family member you respect, we still have the right and even are encouraged to confirm things for ourselves. Even God himself doesn’t expect us to just take what He says hook, line, and sinker just because someone who’s in a position of influence says so.

I believe firmly that we all have a right to know the truth and that we have a responsibility to seek out that truth—be anxiously engaged in doing so—and to share such truths with others, but more importantly is that we all have the responsibility to share truth, and only truth. Part of the reason why our friends and family think we’re crazy is because of how amateur and gullible we come across when crazy and unfounded information is dispensed. When information or beliefs are shared, they’ve got to be dispensed  plausibly, with supplemental information.  No matter how passionate a prepper is, they’ll never convince someone that a financial collapse is imminent if we can’t likewise explain to them the factual evidence which backs up that assertion-such as the threat against the Petrodollar, China and Russia positioning themselves to dump the U.S. dollar, the lack of an M-3 report from the Federal Reserve, the quote by Bernanke which shed light on the reality of such an event, etc. etc. etc. My point being that we all have the responsibility to seek out truth and verify it. And then we have the responsibility of sharing that truth just as expertly as Michelangelo would on the topic of sculpting. (You do know he was a sculptor first and foremost and the Sistine Chapel was actually his first commissioned painting project, right?)

Just remember if “they” can get us distracted then they conquer our most valuable asset—peace! That’s one asset that we can never have enough of.


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I can lay out everthing in a prefectly logical pattern. I can point to examples of preparedness made things easier or save folks money. Kinda simple stuff to convey and all reality based. Heck the entire midwest is flooding and may have an adverse affect on harvests gets blown off since the grocery store shelves are full.
I know longer try to convince folks. But if someone asks me "What can I do?" I'll give them a few ideas and point them in a direction of preparedness. Okay having 300 pounds of grain per person is a bit scary. But growing an herb garden,sprouts or a bucket of rice or wheat is easier sell than that 300 pounds to start.
I'm trying to be nice and understanding. I suck at it! I'd like to smack all folks with a clue bat and say wake up. If I thought it would work many folks would end up very pummeled and somewhat bruised. Not in the book or class of how to win friends or influence people.


What an amazing piece you have written. Your words spoke right to me. I hope one day that I am lucky enough to meet you. Thank you for taking the time to write this.


Very well written and full of food for thought. Thank you

Yes, we need peace above all!

Words to live by.

Admirably written! You touch me tonight and gave me some insight to a behavior I need to address. It has nothing to do with my preparedness efforts but everything to do with my attitude and what behaviors I am allowing to influence my decision-making. Thank you for taking the time to write a touching piece!

Thank you sooooo much!!

... not as the world give-ith, give I unto you.....

We need to remember who the giver of Peace truly is!

Thank you!


"Feed your Faith and your fears will starve to death"

Excellent points on an important issue. I have agreed with your position for many years and often wondered how survivalists and preppers who are by nature very logical and practical people can be lulled into the fear mongering and propaganda. I have always asked myself "Whats the agenda?". In many cases these emails, movies, etc have an agenda and that is often a sign to me to view with extreme skepticism.

Again nicely done.


Thank you for a good article. We need to wake people up, but not with a sledge hammer - just a gentle nudge and researched, verifiable facts.

This article rang true to my fear range. I feel things are going south really fast and have had an urgency to my preparedness for quite a few years. However, when I wig out about tons of earthquakes in Yellowstone or H1N1 pandemic in the past and urged my family and friends to get prepared .. nothing happened and I was left with egg on my face and a crazy person. I think I have helped people get prepared, but they don't have a dedication (testimony) to preparedness which makes me sad.

I've learned that I need to pull back and just work on my own preparedness - and quit judging others who don't believe as I do. I feel prepared, but when I watch the news like I did today - I don't feel good. I don't want an emergency in real life - it scares me to death (the un-rest and desperate people). I use my preparedness to be frugal and save money by using and rotating what I store. I also want to be able to remain home when an emergency strikes and not be the one lined up a the store - I'd rather be home and safe with my family.

Sondra, I don't even discuss it with family members, other than my husband, :)
Like you, I am doing what I can for us and not judging their lack of preparedness for even a major snowstorm! Well, maybe a little judging, :)

Thank you! As always, your article makes perfect sense. Too many people are willing to discount preparedness as crazy, when in fact, there is nothing crazy about being prepared for anything.
Your simple straightforward articles are a breath of fresh air.

Kellene, I found this so interesting, I am one who tends to "fear", but atleast I don't try to spread that fear, it does tend to motivate me to learn more, and be better prepared.

Perhaps I'm the problem. Well I'll stop being that problem. I've shouted from the mountain tops and very few care. To heck with them, I'll work with the few folks that will listen. It's on them, it's their life and if folks want to drop $500.00 plus on an Ipad or big screen TV, instead of years worth of food that is their choice. I'm tired of playing "Wall".If you want some advice I'll help. If you got an agenda not so much.

If you are willing to take the mark of the beast you will be allowed to live. If you are not, you will find it impossible to live in you present environment. If you are part of Gods people you will understand that the coming world problems are being brought about by Satan's workers. That it will be a cleansing of the earth, not only to a manageable population but a cleansing of Gods people. It did not happen yesterday, but it could begin today. It is as certain as there is a God. Gods truth has been manipulated by man, by Satan that virtually no human knows the truth. How many know that the United States are not Gentiles. How may know that the Book of Revelation speaks of the Tribes of Israel. How many know that the Book of Genesis speaks of where the Tribes of Israel will be at the end of the world. How many know the Jews are not Gods chosen people. How many know the Jews do not keep the Sabbath, but have to calendars Gods and the worlds. The lunar calendar,(Gods calendar for the holy days) and mans calendar they keep for the Sabbath. How many know that the Book of Amos tells of the Jews changing Gods Sabbath for economic reasons. The Bible tells you Gods calendar is the Moon. The Passover, not the pagan Easter, falls on the full moon the first month of every year. It is the second Sabbath of the new year.

Many people will come to realize these truths in the coming years, but will have to give their lives to prove their belief. Gods chosen people those that obey God will be protected on earth. Not raptured, God said if you do not keep the Sabbath you will die. He was not talking about the first death he was talking an eternal death. Gods calendar is the moon. There was no calendar at creation. The calendar you have now was made by the Jews, so they could partake of the economics of the world. But God made them keep the Lunar calendar for the Holy days, that all of Gods people are to keep. All of us have been lied to about being Gentiles, by the Jews. They do not want the world to know there are thirteen, tribes, countries that belong to the thirteen tribes of Israel.

Have you made a wood hotwater heater, woodstove, woodcook top? Have you made a wood cook stove oven. Have you made it possible to run you electrical needs off of 12 volts. Have you made a twelve volt generator, wind generator? Do you have a water filter? Do you have the means to cut wood, kill animals, can, or dry the food. Do you have enough food to last until the next harvest. Do you have the seeds to make a harvest. Do you have a portable shelter to live in, NOT CAMP IN LIVE IN. Do you have the means for an inside bathroom, kitchen with hot and cold running water in that portable shelter?

We are not talking about surviving a snow storm or a tornado, or a huricane. We are taking about surviving a world cleansing. Let me give you a little insight from the book of Hebrews. Paul was trying to bring some of the non believing Jews up to speed. Remember the Jews that tell you that they are the chosen people of God Do Not Believe Christ was crucified. They are still waiting on his arrival. God told you if you do not believe in Christ you will die.
Heb 11:35 Women received their dead raised to life again: and others were tortured, not accepting deliverance; that they might obtain a better resurrection:
Heb 11:36 And others had trial of cruel mockings and scourgings, yea, moreover of bonds and imprisonment:
Heb 11:37 They were stoned, they were sawn asunder, were tempted, were slain with the sword: they wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins; being destitute, afflicted, tormented;
Heb 11:38 (Of whom the world was not worthy:) they wandered in deserts, and in mountains, and in dens and caves of the earth.
Heb 11:39 And these all, having obtained a good report through faith, received not the promise:
Heb 11:40 God having provided some better thing for us, that they without us should not be made perfect.

While I believe in most of what you have written here, this particular comment is exactly what I was warning against in this article (as well as your previous one) thus I find it quite ironic that you chose this particular article to post your first comment.
On this site, we are about PEACE, not panic. As I read your comment I feel like I can hear you hollerin' from the pulpit.

Talk about problems: Where are the off the scale wheat (if available) prices you predictited? Never happened. And where is the hyperinflation that shall ruin our lives you warned us about? Never happened.

There is nothing wrong with preparing for the future. I'm grateful that my family shall be provided for with many, many, months of food and water. Without medication I shall stroke out or go into a diebetic coma long before the food and water runs out.

I never bs'ed my family. You, on the other hand, have never admitted an error.

In response to your comment, I think it best to simply remind you that "Never" is a long time.

"Never admitted an error?" Dude, did I grow up with you from infancy and not know it?? Geesh. Lighten up and don't be such a grouch.

All in good time. I personally am very familiar with what grocery store prices are and have been over the last ten years. All of the products she said would increase in price have. Some of them double, some of them not. Maybe they haven't gone up as much as you expected them to, but we still have time. Never hasn't finished yet.

Have you looked at the price of coffee in the last couple of weeks? In just one week it's gone up close to $1 per can at Sam's club. Yes, I fully expect hyperinflation soon, if we are not already living through the beginnings of it now.

And I just have to add, in Kellene's defense, that LOTS of people out there have been predicting hyperinflation, less food production, etc. - people like economists that actually study these things. One thing I've seen Kellene say over and over is that you don't have to take her word for it - do your own research, listen to what the experts are saying, and make your own judgments, just like she and the rest of have to - personally, I'm grateful to Kellene for giving me great starting place information to make my own informed decisions, and I've learned a ton, even for someone who knows a lot about being prepared! And I'll be very glad to have what I do when those events do come!

Just got back from Costco.
The Hersheys Cocoa bin that I bought for around $4.00 prior to Dec 2010, and bought again for $8.99 in February, is now $16.99. Same size tub!!!
Yep, no problems with food prices increasing around here, folks. Move along, move along.
People have got to be totally blind, naive, out of touch, or in complete denial to not see the rise in prices that are going on around them or to see the fact that the dollar isn't going as far as it used to for ANYthing.

I'm thinking that definitely qualifies as an "Exhibit A" for hyperinflation. That's a 400% increase in less than 7 months!

Cocoa price increases have nothing to do with inflation.

Ivory Coast, Ghana, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Cameroon account for 70% of global cocoa production. Beginning in July 2008, demand for cocoa powder exceeded supply while suppliers were producing less.

This means that prices of cocoa will increase further until increasing chocolate prices decrease cocoa consumption and lower demand.

Well, that's one way of seeing it.
I'm curious--just what magnificent occurrence took place in July of 2008 which would have suddenly caused the demand for cocoa to shoot up and justify the FOUR HUNDRED percent increase in cost of cocoa?

I posted a comment but it did not get posted? Any idea why?

Thanks Michael

first time commenters are always put through moderation before being posted.

Excellant and timely artice Kellene.
An accrostic for FEAR is;

Cacao farmers are among the poorest in the world making 80 cents a day. Instead of planting new trees as the older ones die out, they choose to plant corn or soybeans in order to earn more money. Many of the farmers leave agriculture to move into urban areas seeking higher-paying work.

Ivory Coast accounts for 40% of cacao exports worldwide. Recently, in an internal political dispute, Ivory Coast imposed an export ban on cocoa beans in the latest gambit to unseat Laurent Gbagbo, who has refused to leave the presidency.

Yes, you're accurately regurgitating the facts on cocoa as they've been conveyed repeatedly in our media, however the dots aren't properly connected yet, let along sufficiently to describe some monumental event which took place in 2008 which would cause cocoa to increase by 400% in less than 7 months.

If you look at the history of economics you'll see that just prior to a financial collapse, you will note that the mainstream "luxury" items are the first to skyrocket. It's an obvious tell-tale sign of hyperinflation because such rocketing prices are out of the boundaries of the types of items in which the government is willing to step in and subsidize in order to lessen the blow and to avoid inciting any consumer concerns. Remember, consumer confidence is critical to what happens on Wall Street. On the other hand though our government HAS subsidized our mainstays lately such as fuel, wheat, corn, and other products in order to appease us into thinking that all is well. Since the majority of our cocoa comes from foreign sources, it's impossible for our government to step in and lessen the financial blow, whereas tapping into our own fuel reserves as has been done recently is an obvious "tell." Brushing up on a little bit of economic history will go a long way in helping people better understand the obvious signs of hyperinflation rather than citing the woven distractions cited in the newspapers and the news.

There was no single "monumental event" which caused a price increase; rather, it is a natural desire for increased economic gain by farmers over time (which continues and, therefore, prices shall keep rising ).
In any event, inflation is an increase in the general level of prices. If all prices increased by 400% that could indeed be considered hyperinflation.
Thus far, that has not occurred by any definition.


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