And We're Back!

And we’re back!


There’s been a flurry of activity behind the sabbatical at Preparedness Pro so that I could move it forward to what I really, really wanted it to be. And today I’m going to share with you the results thereof because chances are, if you’re reading this, then that activity will indeed impact you, and very soon too, I suspect.


Over the past several months I’ve been putting a major undertaking into play.  I’ve sorted through 15 years of belongings, including massive amounts of preparedness supplies; prioritized everything that I wanted to absolutely keep in storage, posted and sold the rest, and then prioritized and packed everything I was keeping that was NOT going on the road with me.


Ah yes, “on the road.” Let me tell you about that.


As you recall, Spiritual Preparedness is the #1 Principle of Preparedness. Without it a solid foundation of Spiritual Preparedness, our preparedness efforts can so easily be crazy, panic-ridden, misinformed, loony apocalyptic paranoia. But…with the Lord guiding us and helping us to discern between panic and peace, then it truly is possible to enjoy Peaceful Preparedness. 


Several months ago I was confronted with a major life change that totally blindsided me.  In my opinion, it was the worst thing I could ever imagine having to go through.  I can tell you that just in that regard the ONLY thing that has gotten me through it this far has been my strong foundation of Spiritual Preparedness.  In light of this change, I had been struggling to figure out what I was supposed to do next.  I fasted and prayed and prayed some more and more for direction. I did everything I could possibly do to find some direction amidst the turmoil.  One night in particular I felt like I was at the end of my rope! As I knelt in prayer that night I begged the Lord to direct me that I might have some PEACE amidst this horrible turmoil, and that I might KNOW that I could be proactive in my life rather than reactive as a result of this crisis.  I don’t’ believe in petitioning the Lord for every step we make, but this particular time I felt that it was so important that He guide me specifically.


During that night’s sleep, I found myself awake at 4:00in the morning. My mind was whirling with this “picture”, for lack of a better word, of me traveling all around and teaching the various classes that I’ve taught over the years, along with some new ones.  I saw myself specifically in a motorhome, with particular professional certifications accompanying my classes. I even saw how some of the new classes would specifically be laid out. I’ve never had a “vision” before, but if I had to call this experience anything, I would have to say that it was very much like what I would expect a vision to be.  But most importantly, I felt PEACE—the peace that I had been begging the Lord for each time I contemplated moving here or there or doing this or that, as a confirmation that I was on the right track.
This experience went on for more than two and a half hours. When I looked at the clock and saw that it was 6:30 in the morning, I prayed and offered thanks to the Lord for allowing me to finally have the direction and peace that I had been looking for, but could I be finished for a bit as I still had to drive 4 ½ hours back to my home that morning. *grin* I fell back asleep almost immediately and awoke refreshed and feeling SO wonderful knowing that I had a plan that HE gave me.


After I got in the car for the ride home that morning, I thought over my experience a little more. And I confess, I started doubting the sanity of it all. There were so many obstacles to my accomplishing what I needed to do in order to make it happen.  But then I was reminded that when God instructs us to do something, He provides a way.  And boy howdy did He do it!!  Within a week I had every single logistical obstacle resolved including a beautiful, Class A motorhome—an absolute miracle given that I don’t believe in building credit and there’s no such thing as a “subprime lending market” in the world of RVs; all my certifications that I needed—another miracle since every class I needed to take had been sold out for months ahead of time over a year; etc. etc.! It would take a 1500 word article just to tick off all of the miraculous things that have happened as I’ve been putting this plan into place. And I’ll tell you, that it’s only been because of all of these undeniable things that have happened that I know that I should be doing this, because otherwise, it’s a pretty crazy—even downright scary undertaking if I allow myself to stop and think about it!!


But WOW! What an adventure lies ahead! I’m SO truly excited to get to see and meet so many of you in person!! Expect to see lots of YouTube videos too in the near future, many of which have been filmed in the comfort of my coach!


I’m working diligently to get everything scheduled as my first official classes will begin the first week of March. I’ll be sure to post everything here including a list of all of the classes I will be making available.  If you want to make sure that I come to a town near you, be sure to comment below so that I can see it!

As for the classes I’ll be teaching, this year I’ll be focusing primarily on the first four Principles of Preparedness. With very little exception, if it doesn’t fall into those 4 Principles, then I’ll likely just be writing about it instead of teaching it live. By way of a reminder, those first 4 Principles of Preparedness are:

1: Spiritual Preparedness (core values, belief system, etc.)

2: Mental Preparedness (knowledge, skill, mental fortitude)

3: Physical Preparedness (Health, security/protection/defense, strength, physical logistics)

4: Medical Preparedness (Trouble-shooting health issues, nutrition, hygiene, preventative health, first aid skills, etc.)


That being said, if there’s a topic that you would really like for me to teach about, be sure to list that in the comments as well!  I may not do a live class on it, but I could always do a YouTube video on it or an article, perhaps. If you haven’t yet discovered our YouTube channel, be sure you check it out here. 


Along with all of this, I’ve adopted a new position that I will be implementing through all of 2015 and that is that I will NOT make any decision to do anything based on FEAR. It is my personal belief, and the teachings of the Christian religions all over the world that it’s the Lord that counsels us to be PREPARED. As such, it is my belief that it comes from a very holy and sacred place. I’ve been invited to all of these groups on Facebook that purport to be focused on the topic of being prepared and yet I am constantly barraged by fear-filled nonsense.  As I see and hear that kind of talk, I’m POSITIVE that any sort of panic-filled action towards preparedness is a counterfeit to the Lord’s way of being prepared. Others have not been the only offender in this regard. I too have fallen for that motivation sometimes as well. And in fact, even some of the articles I’ve posted on this site have far too much of that panic seasoning. But this year, I’ll be keeping all of that in check, because I need all of the Peaceful Preparedness I can get—and so do you, I suspect. *grin*

Here’s to a Peacefully Prepared 2015 and seeing YOU soon!


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Congratulations on acquiring

Congratulations on acquiring a new direction and for being open to see it. My sympathies on your recent struggles. Door and window. Major life changes are difficult but eventually you feel far more empowered.

Please come to south/eastern Minnesota.
All the best to you on your new endeavor, Sue

Yes, I'll definitely be there

Preparedness Pro's picture
Yes, I'll definitely be there, but not until it gets warmer--much warmer!


Yes, please come to MN but not too far south! Please aim for the Twin Cities so I can come see you, too!! :)

I am thrilled to hear your beautiful testimony! Best wishes as you head out on your adventures!

Glad to see you back. I've

Glad to see you back. I've missed your newsletters! Hope your ventures are very successful both for you and for your 'students'! If you are coming to the tri-state corner area (MI/IN/OH), I would love to attend a class. I believe that you have a lot of common sense wisdom to impart.

I really hope you are coming

I really hope you are coming to the North Carolina sometime during 2015. Thanks

Oops, I read that as

Preparedness Pro's picture
Oops, I read that as "California, not Carolina." I haven't worked that part of the U.S. out just yet. :-) But I will.

I'm about 40 mins north of

I'm about 40 mins north of San Fran CA. I know I said it before, but we'd love to see you come this way. I'm up for classes in any of the areas because I always have something to learn.

Glad to see you back young

Glad to see you back young lady ! We missed you and we pray that whatever troubles you encountered are behind you and only great things lay ahead for you. Looking forward to more articles and we would love to see you in person some day ! take care & keep your powder dry !

I am so very happy for you

I am so very happy for you and your decisions on this life altering course you have been directed to take. I think, no, I know with G-D in control all things are possible and with HIM being your copilot how can you fail? YOU go girl. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Hope to see you in Texas.

Dallas, Austin, and Houston

Preparedness Pro's picture
Dallas, Austin, and Houston are definitely on the itinerary! ;-)


Driving off into the wild blue yonder can be daunting but knowing that you are following personal inspiration makes it an adventure on wheels! We live in such a beautiful country with amazing people. All the best to you as you share your knowledge and skills throughout this land. Travel safely!

Pray you meet, as well as

Pray you meet, as well as help some amazing people. Have fun with this! We are in New Jersey and Norfolk Virginia. Would love to see you! Safe Travels... Just have to say... It is so very cool to see God's hand in motion.

Kellene, it's so good to see

Kellene, it's so good to see you back! I hope to see you sometime in Lynchburg, Virginia. Happy travels!


Of course, Amy!

Preparedness Pro's picture
Of course, Amy!

Good luck, safe travels and

Good luck, safe travels and south east Arizona at 70 degrees sure is nice. Would be superb to see you down this way. Wife and I even have a parking spot for you, as long as you don't mind chickens and turkeys all over the lot.

I'll take ya up on that.

Preparedness Pro's picture
I'll take ya up on that. Message me with details on your location. AZ will be happening VERY soon, just FYI. Just trying to finalize things.

Please, please, please come

Please, please, please come to the Boise area! I would love to be able to attend your classes. If you cover anything on pressure canning, that would be great!

We'll be there!!

Preparedness Pro's picture
We'll be there!!

Kellene - Praying with you

Kellene - Praying with you that God will lead you. Change is hard and a little scary. We're (husband & I) are in southwest Missouri. If you're in this area, I'd love to meet you and come to one of your classes. Let me know if I can help you in any way.

Is there a place on your site

Is there a place on your site where we can find out where you will be and follow your trip this year?

There will be!

Preparedness Pro's picture
There will be!

Would love to see you come by

Would love to see you come by Indianapolis area on your way to Ohio! We're just north of Indy. I've learned so much from you. Praying for safe travels and that you will always fill His presence.


How about coming to Canada!! Southern Ontario would love to see you!! Come in the summer though, it is way too cold now.


We are so glad you are back.

We are so glad you are back.
I would love to see a class on how to use the Humless Sentinal and Roadrunner. I do not know what items or crockpots, lights, etc. to use. Everytime I try something (a small crockpot) it drains the power in less than 20 is so frustrating to have a generator and not know what to do with them.
I hope you are planning to come to either Augusta, GA or North Augusta, SC. There are a lot of "fear based" NEW preppers here.

RKW, sounds to me like you

Preparedness Pro's picture
RKW, sounds to me like you have faulty equipment. I don't even drain my Sentinel with my Nutrimill!

Hi Kellene, I'm sorry you've

Hi Kellene, I'm sorry you've had such a difficult time lately - but with your faith, talents, and inner strength I know you can achieve any goal you set for yourself. Thank you for all the wonderful, informative articles you've generously posted over the years. I wish you all the best in your latest endeavor and hope that I will get the chance to attend some of your classes if you ever come East to (or near) Maryland! Zabeth Gallagher

Good to read you again! As

Good to read you again! As the other reply said Door and Window. Bless you as you move forward.
Any plans to speak in SE Ohio?

Blessed are those who receive

Blessed are those who receive the answers they need to pursue direction in their lives. Western North Carolina is still an area that believes in God, personal liberty, responsibility and are motivated to protect them. We would be honored to receive your message in the Asheville area.

Columbia, SC!

Columbia, SC!

Welcome back. We have missed

Welcome back. We have missed you and your most useful information. I have always enjoyed your posts as they have been far less full of panic and extreemism than others. You have good sense, and with the Lord as your copilot you will be able to do some really great things.

I live in northeast North Carolina, but if you made a visit to the Tidewater area of Virginia that could serve so many. The Tidewater area includes Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, and northeast NC. All of us who live in this area are completely used to going to any one of those communities to see/hear things that are important to us.

Be well, and enjoy your new journeys.

Thanks for sharing your

Thanks for sharing your experience. Hope you are able to come to St. George, Utah. I have loved your newsletters and look forward to opportunities of learning from you in person.

Kellene, welcome back. I hope

Kellene, welcome back. I hope you can make it to the NE corner of PA I would love to attend a class with my Daughter &Daughter-in-law. Hope to see you in the area. Glad to hear you found a spiritual path through your troubles.

We too are glad you're back.

We too are glad you're back. Ditto on Lynchburg, Virginia area, my husband wants to attend classes too, if possible. We also have a place for you to park on our farm. Can't wait!

Glad to see you're back! Our

Glad to see you're back! Our family will keep you in our prayers during 2015 for safe travels and the success of your new venture. Please consider the Rockford, IL area- thanks!

I have missed you an I'm so

I have missed you an I'm so glad to see you in my emails. I will pray for your enlightenment from God as you journey with Him. I like your philosophy of preparedness and not fear. God bless you as you share what God gives you

On your way to Boise, make a

On your way to Boise, make a stop in the Twin Falls area. We'd love to have you...

Dear Killene,

Dear Killene,
So glad you're back. Our prayers are with you. We would love to have you come to central Florida and I don't mean Disney World. There are a lot of rural areas in central Florida. You are doing a great work for the rest of us.

God is Good All the TIME!!

God is Good All the TIME!! With Him on your side you will be fine! Prayers and hugs for your new adventure in life sweetie!!!

AND please come to the OKLAHOMA CITY area!!!!!!! Would love to see you!

Congratulations! Don't

Congratulations! Don't forget about us who are a little north of Philadelphia!!

So happy to see you back and

So happy to see you back and sorry for the troubles you have had. But it's wonderful how you refuse to let it tear you down. You certainly turned lemons into If you happen to be coming to South Carolina would be great to meet you and take the classes. Safe travels.

Its interesting that I would

Its interesting that I would wake up in the middle of the night and think of you and felt I should pray for you. I am delighted that you have found the Direction you should take. I will continue to pray for you and your work and I do hope that one day I get to see you face to face. If that happens, the Lord will work it out. It is exciting to see and be a part of what you are doing, so keep those emails and blog posts coming our way. May God bless you and keep you and yours.
PS if you choose to keep this un published, It wont hurt my feelings.

Wow! Sounds like you're in

Wow! Sounds like you're in for quite the adventure. You've also hit the nail on the head taking the faith route vs. the fear route. Way too much fear being spread around these days. We do live in troubled times but it requires faith to get through them.
Sorry to hear about the upheaval. Prayers and good thoughts your way.

We are excited for your

We are excited for your return. We offer prayers for all you have endured. Hopefully the Antelope Valley will make the list.

Awesome Kellene! What an

Awesome Kellene! What an awesome adventure! Nebraska!! I would love to see you!

Will they accept me in MI

Preparedness Pro's picture
Will they accept me in MI with a big "Go Buckeyes" sign on my RV? hee hee

Still want southern Colorado!

Still want southern Colorado! Looks like you made it through your blizzard - yay! :-)

Great to hear that all is

Great to hear that all is well with you. I am a former over the road truck driver and I know 1st hand how wonderful it is to drive all over this beautiful country.

I met you at the Denver Self Reliance Expo a few years ago and you were wonderful and inspirational. Please come back to the Denver Colorado area.

Hope to see you soon. Be safe in your road travels and see all that you can see of this beautiful country. Gods speed! But at the legal limit! LOL

Welcome back! Prayers for

Welcome back! Prayers for your journeys. May the Lord be your front guard, your rear guard, and a hedge of protection round about you always. If you make it to Boise, Central Oregon is just on down the road. Would love to meet you in person!

My husband just watched a

My husband just watched a show called Doomsday Preppers and it said you live in Orem and he was compelled to have me look you up. You don't live here anymore, you don't live anywhere anymore. How does someone get Prep advice from you? I've read a bunch of stuff that was confusing and I am trying to sort it out but I was wondering if there is a site that actually talks about Preparedness?

Rhondi, there are more than 1

Preparedness Pro's picture
Rhondi, there are more than 1,000 articles on this page that address preparedness. PLUS we have our YouTube channel, that's sparse, but will be growing. PLUS we'll have podcasts PLUS the free newsletter. So IMO, you've come to the right spot. ;-_

Oh girlfriend! So sorry, and

Oh girlfriend! So sorry, and so glad to hear you are on a new track with God. The best adventures are in the palm of His hand. Read Psalm 91. Every day, out loud. No room for fear, because fear is not from God. I have really missed you, like everyone else that checks in on this site regularly. You will continue to be in my prayers, looking forward to hearing and seeing what God is going to teach me through you next! :)

Salem Oregon will welcome you

Salem Oregon will welcome you with open arms, I can make myself available for any help or set up you may require.


An afterthought Kellene, I

An afterthought Kellene, I can offer you space and a plug in for your vehicle if you find your self in this area that you could work from. As long as you don't mind the farm life :).

please come to Stillwater,

please come to Stillwater, Oklahoma. I would love to see you and learn from you in person. The city is having an emergency preparedness fair in March, would love for you to come then.....

Ah, yes, there are always

Preparedness Pro's picture
Ah, yes, there are always those comments from the anonymous cowards who have to contribute some kind of ilk. Hate to disappoint ya, but no. But you have a nice day regardless. Just so you know, a "nice day" is typically defined as one full of joy and happiness. Hope you find some.

Glad you're back! I've been

Glad you're back! I've been thinking a lot about you lately and wondering if I should try to contact you. I support you 100% in your efforts and am proud to be one of your 'followers'. I am the RS president and would LOVE to arrange to have you come and talk to us sometime on ANY/ALL of the four principles of preparedness. I am not too far away from your home town, or at least your old hometown as I know that you have moved. I am in southern Utah County in Santaquin. I love you and appreciate all you do to help women!

Kae, contact me directly via

Preparedness Pro's picture
Kae, contact me directly via the Contact Us here so we can set something up. Okey dokey?

You're back!! I am so glad I

You're back!! I am so glad I checked on your website! I've missed you, my friend. Please come to Central Florida and enjoy some warm sunshine and warm hearts! You have much to share and we would love to learn! Please post where you will be and maybe have a "Kellene Tracker" so we can wave from the roadside!

In light of current and

In light of current and escalating world events, it is time to get really serious about preparedness. I look forward to all you have to offer.
One thing I am doing is memorizing scripture, specifically selected verses from Psalm 31. As Brenda said, Psalm 91, and also 27 are excellent, too. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

You have made a HUGE impact

You have made a HUGE impact on how I prepare. I am grateful for your desire to do what the Lord has called you to do. You are one of His choice daughters!
I live in Pocatello, ID and know there would be a lot of happy people if you came this way! (Pocatello/Idaho Falls).
There are a lot of us in SE Idaho. We just are spread out a bit.... :)

Would love to see you in

Would love to see you in Northwest Indiana - 60 miles south east of Chicago

Please remember Wyoming when

Please remember Wyoming when you are setting up your schedule! Prayers for you and your family.

I love to hear these kinds of

I love to hear these kinds of experiences (the part where you felt the Lord's love and direction) so thank you for sharing. Kind of makes it feel like we're family. :) And thanks for moving forward with those feelings and blessing so many with your courage and love for this particular work. We're in SW Boise and would love to attend your workshops! Thanks again.

p.s. we have an RV pad if you

p.s. we have an RV pad if you wanted to use it! I don't think we have "hook-ups" though?

I must say you are Blessed by

I must say you are Blessed by God. I am happy to hear and see that you have felt the need to help people with a positive message. Just seeing the response to you and your message brings tears to my eyes and Hope. Thank you for all that you do. If I get the pleasure of meeting and hearing you in person, I will be Blessed also; but if I don't, I know that there only so much of you to go around and there is always your blog. God speed!

I would love to see you come

I would love to see you come to Knoxville, TN. I have been reading your blog for a long time and really appreciate all of your information and learning from you. I have to say that I enjoy learning about preparing in a rational, realistic way instead of panic. We all have enough stress without stressing about being ready for whatever may come. I have lived through some rough times that I was very thankful for the things I had prepared and stored. Keep up the good work. My prayers are with you on your new journey.

Be sure to consider the

Be sure to consider the Pacific Northwest this summer. Northern Idaho is beautiful with it green forests and lakes and rivers.

And, you can still come to Sacramento too! LOL

Upstate NY!! We would love

Upstate NY!! We would love classes up here. There is a great need for your talents in our neck of the woods.

Don't forget SC on your

Don't forget SC on your travels - N. Augusta or Aiken. You are such an inspiration to so many of us. Best wishes on your new venture. Happy trails.


I am just discovering you and all the great help you have shared and continue to, for being prepared. Thank you so much! I am still trying to get organized and first plan it out how to prepare for my own family and household, and what you have done goes along way in helping me. I live in SE Iowa, but I am not a farmer's daughter or wife so much of this I am going from my grandmother and her way of doing things and what you are teaching. Bless you and your husband in your endeavor and the struggle you are going through.
Love to you! Pam


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