RZ Mask Review and GIVEAWAY!

What better way to come back from a prolonged sabbatical than with a review of a really cool product AND giving away 4 of these awesome RZ Masks to 4 of our lucky readers?!?! 

OK. So I’ve totally ruined any chance for suspense here as I’ve already used the words “cool” and “awesome”. So I think you can figure out where this RZ Mask review is going, but seriously, I was totally BLOWN AWAY with how awesome this product is.  They not only made it superior to other masks in terms of science and technology, but they also went a step further and made some really cool designs to boot. 

RZ Mask selection OK. First the science that impressed me as it’s what truly makes these masks premium quality. I noted that they don’t call these “filtration masks”.  Nope. They are BREATHING masks…and it shows in the technology that they chose to incorporate into their product.  They weren’t interested in simply preventing germs from getting in or out. They were intent upon ensuring a person could BREATHE even in the midst of all kinds of real life scenarios such as motor-crossing, cold weather activities, as well as pollution, paint fumes, and agriculture contaminant exposure protection.  After playing around with this and digging into the structure of these, it’s clear that these are VERY applicable to those kinds of crisis scenarios that most of us have never had to deal with as well, but for which we prepare.  I had the unfortunate experience of trying my RZ Mask out once as the result of too much smoke in the house from complications in using the woodburning stove!

RZ Mask by RZ Industries offers 3 different levels of filtration depending on the filter you choose to use inside the masks. Regardless of which level you choose, you’re going to protect yourself from particulate matter AND fumes, odors, etc. with the two levels of filtration in each mask.  The level of protection you choose in a filter will be best determined by how dense the particulate matter is that you’re trying to avoid  and how prevalent the fumes and odors might be. (F3 Filter providing the best, breathable air scenario) All filters will trap particulates down to .1 microns.  Just to put that into perspective, human hair is 40-300 microns; bacteria is .2-3 microns. These will filter as small as .1 microns. 2 of the 3 filters that you can choose come with HEPA filtration (High Efficiency Particulate Air) and the F1 and F3 Filters also come with an inner layer of Active Carbon which handles the odors/fumes. On top of these filtration levels that you can select, they also offer two different types of materials for the masks, each type, M1 Neoprene or M2 Mesh being more effective in cold or warm temperature environments respectively. Yeah, in other words, they aren't just slapping some elastic and el-cheapo materials together and calling it good. They have explored every type of possible scenario for use and created the filtration and material combination to meet those scenarios with exactness.  This attention to detail was VERY impressive to me.


Pink splatter RZ Mask Here’s a little secret about me. I’m a bit claustrophobic. I have a hard time wearing ski masks which makes me a terrible bank robber and an even worse skier. *grin* Even scarves and some turtleneck sweaters have to be avoided by me because I just can’t stand the feeling. So imagine my surprise when I found this amazing technology actually WEARABLE by this gal who’s so claustrophobic!! Lightweight and very comfortable. Heck, it’s even washable! I couldn’t believe how comfortable it was! Part of what enhances claustrophobia, or a just plain uncomfortable experience--is that when I’ve worn these types of masks in the past the condensation that builds up as I’m breathing—especially when in humid or extreme cold environments—even fogging my glasses. NOT COOL when you’re trying to drive an ATV, right?  Imagine my surprise when I didn’t experience that with this mask as they all come with two one-way discharge valves specifically to dispel the condensation and a little adjusting of the nose piece will also help avoid that problem as well.  I now have my RZ Mask sitting on the shelf next to the woodburning stove.  There’s something that’s not functioning properly on the flue so that when I open the door, I’m liable to get a bit of smoke coming out the door regardless of how hot things are burning inside. After being exposed to this several dozen times thus far this season, I find my sinuses becoming easily agitated after dealing with building the fires or restocking the firewood in the stove. So I put this mask on every time now and it’s made a HUGE difference for me by drastically reducing the agitation and pressure to my sinus passages.

The manufacturer, RZ Industries, states that I can use each filter for about 50-60 hours if I’m using it to protect against allergens, pollution, odors, etc.  I’m sure I’ve exceeded that by about 10 hours now and I’m still benefitting from the mask. Their testing results came in at filtering 99% of the dust and particulate impurities in the air so that YOU don’t have to breathe them.

Have you ever been in weather so dang cold, that you feel like every time you breathe in, you’re breathing in hot coals??  Yep. It’s not fun.  I went outside to start work on the firewood that needed to be stacked and scraping ice off of my car. Naturally, that had to coincide with extremely low temperatures of -10 F with the wind-chill factor making it feel more like -20 F. The breathing sensation was so uncomfortable, that it made me quickly remember that I have this great RZ Mask, so I went back into the house to grab it and give it a shot. I couldn’t believe the difference it made. I had a sensation very similar to when I snorkeled in the Bahamas…I felt so protected in my breathing.  Yep, this mask has become a MUST HAVE in my preparedness supplies.  It’s all I can do to give any of these away, cause I’m now thinking of all of the places I want to have the mask PLUS spare filters (car, bug-out-bags, garage, closet with my coats, by the woodburning stove, in my gun bag so that I don’t have to inhale the powder when I’m shooting a thousand rounds, in my first-aid supplies for germ and bacteria protection, and in a 4 gallon bucket full of back-ups and more back-ups. I also need to get one for my dad who’s always working with the table saw and high dust environments!) Yep. This is the curse of a prepping geek—you can never have too much of a good thing like this.  But don’t worry. I managed to come back down to planet earth and realized that since I love this product so much, I’d feel pretty happy about sharing them with others. (There are SO many applications here such as those fighting in the military in sand areas, construction, masonry work, hunting (they even offer scentless filters) firefighters, painters, miners, DEA or law enforcement who are always being exposed to drug powder and fumes, emergency personnel, etc.)

Did I mention that they even have a holder built into them for your MP3 player?  Now THAT’S going to be a FUN ATV ride!

So…how do you get your hands on these awesome RZ Masks?  Well, you can purchase them yourself, if you’d like. (Click here for a direct link) They run $29.95 each, regular retail, but I found several other options for about $4-$5 less on Amazon for discontinued styles--some of which are pretty dang cool. When I consider how much I pay just for ONE of those flimsy N-95 medical masks, I kick myself!  Each mask comes with 2 replaceable filters. The sizes are Youth (ideal for under 12 years old), Regular (fits most) and Extra Large (ideal for those over 235 pounds). It comes in lots of awesome designs including the designs you see in the pictures plus an array of 5 other solid colors and they even do custom designs! Breathing was never so cool and hip!  You could also try your hand at a little luck as I’m going to give away FOUR of these hipster breathing thingamajiggers—aka RZ Masks.  I will draw 4 names at random from the COMMENTS posted here on the blog under this article AND on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/preparednesspro) . However, in order to be considered for the drawing your comment MUST include the words “RZ Mask” or #RZMask. The drawing for winners will be held on Valentine’s Day and announced that same weekend. So good luck!! Start commenting and share with your friends so that they too can have a shot at winning.  Good luck!!!


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Greetings, Kellene.

Greetings, Kellene.

I was just looking at masks online because our family is taking a trip to Yellowstone and I wanted to have filtering masks along with us. The last time the then 7-year old refused to get out of the car because the sulfur pots were "too stinky."

These RZ Masks look interesting in more ways than one.
1) They have three sizes; this assures that everyone in the family can be well fitted.

2) Each person will know which mask is their own since there are different designs.

3) With the two styles, neoprene and mesh, we can have masks which will allow us to be outside while the neighboring farmers are harvesting (and not breathe in the chaff), plus the RZ Mask can be worn while snow tubing or other winter activities (like gathering wood).

Thank you for posting about the masks. They are now on my list of things to stock.

Sue C., MN

4) I wear glasses, cannot

4) I wear glasses, cannot see without them, and all the other masks cause my glasses to fog to the point of not being able to see. The RZ Mask sounds like it would be ideal to prevent that.

The RZ Mask sounds great. I

The RZ Mask sounds great. I have done a lot of research on various masks, but all the problems you mentioned kept me from buying any of them. I am getting some of these, win or not. Thanks. M

These RZ masks look great.

These RZ masks look great. We have been meaning to get some but they all seem to be so expensive. These are much more reasonable. As always, you find the best. Sure have missed you on the internet!

The RZ masks sound like

The RZ masks sound like something people in our area could benefit from immensely. We have many who suffer from asbestosis (we are a superfund site as a result of asbestos all over from a now defunct mining operation). It is terrible, and since this is primarily an outdoor recreation area in the NW, I will certainly let others know about the RZ masks. Thank you.

These masks look excellent!

These masks look excellent! As you, I'm not fond of the ones I have myself. So to have something that would actually be comfortable and allow you to go about your tasks without the annoyance of difficult breathing or condensation - that is something to look forward to! Thank you for finding these, Kellene! #RZMask

Wow! What a cool mask. I

Wow! What a cool mask. I have a fireplace that has to be cleaned and ashes removed regularly. I hate to breathe the fine particles that float in the air causing me to sneeze. It would be great give the RZ Mask a try.

With my son's cystic fibrosis

With my son's cystic fibrosis, this mask would be better for him to wear during Hospital and doctor's visits to keep away the lung infections away. Thanks for another option besides those paper masks they provide that are so hard for him to breath through!

With my son's cystic fibrosis

With my son's cystic fibrosis, this RZ mask would be better for him to wear during Hospital and doctor's visits to keep away the lung infections away. Thanks for another option besides those paper masks they provide that are so hard for him to breath through!

Wow! Had not heard of the RZ

Wow! Had not heard of the RZ Mask but it sounds just like what I need as we have had a flood in our basement and I fear mold is lurking as it still smells "damp"....we will be moving boxes and uprooting carpet down there....I too am a bit claustrophobic so this just thrills me! Thanks Kellene....have missed you!

Kellene, loved the article.

Kellene, loved the article. I am claustrophobic as well, so it was nice to see one of us trying the "RZ Mask" out. I have been looking for something like this, that would protect my family and this sounds like an ideal item for us. Thanks for sharing and having a chance to win one. If I win one, then I can buy two more for my family.

Ooh! I hadn't thought of that

Ooh! I hadn't thought of that! You know, now that you mention it, I'm going to use mine when I'm cleaning out old corners of the house that haven't been touched for years with renters. I can't STAND coming across mouse droppings. I'm always thinking "haunta virus" when I venture into those areas. :-)

The RZ Mask sounds like a

The RZ Mask sounds like a product I may actually be able to use. I have copd and asthma and can not perform basic tasks anymore like mowing the grass,cleaning with anything that emits fumes or strong odor, working with any gas powered motor. Sometimes even shopping or running errands becomes hazardous as my lungs close up when exposed to certain perfumes or plug in type room "deodorizers". I even had to quit my job as a professional pet groomer. I have tried wearing other masks,but like you could not handle the claustrophobic feeling and because I live in North Fla the humidity is a major factor. I felt like I could not breathe with the other masks. It is very debilitating to not be able to leave your house if the pollen levels are too high, or having to walk through a parking structure with all of the exhaust fumes to get to a doctors appointment. Not fun on a hot humid day. I often liken myself to the canary in the coal mine, it's ridiculous! I like the design of these masks ,I may even be able to convince my dogs it's still me behind the mask,not an alien! Thanks for informing us about them and giving us a chance to win one. I'm glad to see you back on line ,you always bring us good information and inspiration.

Hi Kellene, good to see you

Hi Kellene, good to see you active again. Thanks for the review of the RZ Mask. This will be a great addition to daily used items. Especially for my wife who has dust and pollen allergies. Thanks for the opportunity to be able to win an RZ MASK as well.

Hi Kellene,

Hi Kellene,
So glad your back. All of us out here in computer land trust your reviews and I (for one) have been keeping you in my prayers.
A few months ago I was in the hospital in isolation. The masks we all had to wear were very uncomfortable. Wish I had these RZ Masks at that time. If there is a next time that I am in isolation- I will.
I WILL be getting a varied supply of these wonderful RZ Masks.
Thank you and, again, so glad your back.

I am excited to have the

I am excited to have the RZMask as part of my supplies. Thank you for your dedication to all of us and for doing the research. How about using them after a meal of beans, or after one of the many family members have a dump that permeates through the area. :)

This “RZ Mask” appears to be

This “RZ Mask” appears to be what everyone needs, especially an "old" person like me (77) so that we can get all the protection needed. I would LOVE to have one. Thank you for posting this information that will help many, many people.....old and young alike. I have given your site to many people so they can learn as much as I have from you. Thank you again.

the RZ Mask is just what

the RZ Mask is just what I could use. as a senior citizen money is tight so I entertain myself by making woodcrafts for people. The dust from the saw gets me choking quickly. This sounds like it is just what I need since I wear glasses . thanks so much

Hi Kellene! So happy

Hi Kellene! So happy to see you back in our lives again!!!! I was hoping it wouldn't be too long before you had time again to do what you do best! Hope things are working out well for you in your new place. I have an old shed that needs to be cleaned out and as I started moving things out, I saw unmistakable evidence that critters had gotten in and were having a field day. Then I saw openings chewed into the wood foundation. Needless to say, I backed out, put the stuff back in and shut the door to tackle it another day. I'm scared to go back in without being completely covered and protected, including my breathing, as everything in it is probably contaminated and I can't just throw EVERYTHING in there away. I would love to win one of your RZ Masks...but in the meantime, I will check into getting one that would work for this job. Thank you for all you do!

Thanks for this article. The

Thanks for this article. The last several days I have been looking for something better to wear in the cold weather to help with breathing. Can't wear glasses in the cold because of fogging. Also to use for mowing grass using riding mowers as I have breathing problems without a mask. Definitely looks much cooler than all those paper masks. As soon as I send this, I am going to websites to find the best price and selection. Thanks again.

I have been updating my

I have been updating my medical supplies and N-95 filters are at the top of my list to buy. Your RZ Masks sound like an excellent solution to buying a stack of disposable masks. Thanks for sharing.

Love this info. I sincerely

Love this info. I sincerely need these for the b.o.b.s I put together, but just as importantly, I dare say every married woman with teen agers who is forced to live life with glade air freshener tucked in her holster, could use this RZMask to help cut down the cost of buying spring fresh room deodorizer in bulk. ;-)

I would love to add the RZ

I would love to add the RZ Mask to my prepping stash. I'm dedicated to preparing my family and myself to anything that comes up. Thank you for always having such awesome reviews. It makes the choices SO MUCH easier to make when it's reviewed by someone as knowledgeable as yourself. I trust your reviews over a lot of others.

Thanks so much for the great

Thanks so much for the great information and making all of us aware of the amazing RZ Mask. I didn't know a product like this existed! I am so excited to add it this to my prepping supplies. I live in Washington state where there are forest fires every year. Last year we had several days with heavy, choking smoke that made it very difficult to breathe. The RZ Mask would be very helpful to have on hand in case that happens again. I can't wait to share this awesome find! I am so glad you are back. I look forward to your posts that are always full of useful ideas, products and information. Thank you again!

Welcome back. I have missed

Welcome back. I have missed your fun and informational blogs. So glad you are back. A few months ago I was in the hospital in isolation. The masks we all had to wear were Very Uncomfortable. One of these RZ Masks would have made it so much less stressful for me and my husband. Please add me to your give-away list. Win or lose, I am going to have a supply of breathable masks. Thank you.

Please! Please! Please! I

Please! Please! Please! I need a RZMask, you have sold me on this one. I would hold my breath until the 14th but I can't but sure hope that on drawing day I will get the good news that I have won a RZMask.

I have the flimsy non

I have the flimsy non-breathable masks and can't use them because I have the same problem as you Kellene. I feel like I am in a rabbit hole or something and have to get the thing OFF as soon as I can. Sadly, we live in a very dusty state and I have awful allergies and need to us the masks a lot. Off course they don't really work very well but that is all I have. The new RZ mask sounds to good to be true but totally worth a good ole' Texas try.
I am so glad to see you back on again, I have missed you! I love to read all your posts and great advice.

This would be perfect as I'm

This would be perfect as I'm a family of 4. My daughter is 18 going away to college, my son is 17 will be going away to college the following year and my youngest who is 6 and of course myself. The #RZmask is perfect to have with us at all times. It's light weight and pretty cool looking. Thanks for the opportunity.

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