13 Nov 2009 by filed in Financial Preparedness
The Federal Reserve: The Conspiracy Players Why is it important for you to really understand the Federal Reserve System in order to be better prepared financially? Well, it’s like I tell my firearm self-defense students—to be forewarned is to be prepared. I keep saying in my articles that the financial collapse is the disaster that is most likely to occur in our nation, and relatively soon. When I say that, it’s not with any intent to be a fearmonger. Rather it’s based upon my 15 years in the...
14 May 2009 by filed in Preparedness
Photo c/o jewishjournal.com You bet.  Even in an emergency you can feed your kids healthy, but scrumptious desserts!  Beans are incredibly versatile.  As you know they are also an excellent source of protein and Vitamin B, folic acid, niacin, and thiamine.  The human body even thrives when this particular food is relied upon.  It’s great for aiding digestive problems (ergo the creation of “Beano”), circulation, diabetes, and weight control. But if the thought of having beans and rice for a...


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