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27 Feb 2012 by filed in Water Preparedness
    What could be so important that I just HAD to write about your water storage efforts again?  Is our water supply seriously threatened? Is there a water crisis coming to a city near you? Is the U.S. about to experience a disaster that will affect your access to water? Once again I find myself struggling to write a particular article—not because of the complexity of the topic, but because I don’t want to cause any alarm, just some proactive behavior. It’s my hope that once you’re finished...
09 Jun 2011 by filed in Spiritual Preparedness
Some time ago I was greatly disturbed by an article which announced that a state judge ruled that New York Subway  employees who stood by as mere spectators as as a young woman was gang-raped were innocent of any wrong doing.  The judge stated that the workers had no obligation to help the girl regardless of the all of the safe options that such onlookers had to help the woman such as the telephone, walkie-talkies, or at least the intercom system. and When you read of this incident, how does...
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