ten principles of preparedness

Ten Principles of Preparedness by Preparedness Pro
16 Mar 2020 by filed in Spiritual Preparedness
Welcome to Coronavirus Crazy Day 1.    Last night a close friend asked me why I'm not freaking out. She knows that I'm prepared temporally speaking. But she was referring more to the emotional, spiritual aspects of things. I answered her that night but afterwards I thought that I might share my answer to her with the rest of you.  Hopefully, it won't be a big surprise to any of you what my answer was to her, as I'm certain that I've stayed consistent to my faith, beliefs, and my foundation...
snow, airplane, travel
23 Jan 2014 by filed in Preparedness
The news as of late does a great job reminding me why preparedness really does need to be an everyday focus. We’ve clearly seen that we can’t stop thinking about preparedness just because we are going on a vacation to Paris.  Look at the consequences that so many are enduring all because of the winter season behaving like a winter season. How about all of the travelers all over the world that were stranded in 2010, all because a volcano in Iceland from across the ocean blew its top?   So, today...
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