15 Jul 2009 by filed in Preparedness
Food Storage.  It really doesn’t have to be complicated. Medical Emergency Preparedness photo c/o When it comes to emergency preparedness, there are actually 10 different components to consider, listed below in order of priority: Spiritual Mental Physical Medical Clothing/Shelter Water Food Fuel Financial Communication Food storage is only one part, and in order of priority would actually be “#7” out of those ten components.  What that means is there are a whole lot of other...
20 May 2009 by filed in Financial Preparedness
Why don’t I believe someone who says they don’t have food storage because they can’t afford it?  Because chances are, these are the same folks who wouldn’t focus on food and water preparedness even if they had the funds.  Sad but true.  Why do I say this?  First of all WATER STORAGE is FREE and yet I rarely see a person who has even a semblance of the amount of water they need.  Surely they have empty 2-liter bottles that they can use to store clean water in the event of an emergency.  And if...


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