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Dry Canning Jar
01 May 2014 by filed in Food Preparedness
Ah, yes..."oven canning"...Hate is such a strong word that I don't care to use much, but when it comes to the "oven canning" method that some choose to use to preserve their dry foods long-term, it definitely conjures up a strong opinion in me.  But I'll tone it down today and use the word "loathe" instead, because I truly do loathe the whole notion of oven canning.   Oven canning is the process of canning dry goods such as flour, beans, oats, and even nuts in a 200 degree oven. The standard...
01 Apr 2014 by filed in Food Preparedness
As I was doing some research today on something I was writing, a headline caught my eye and I decided to take a look at a do-it-yourself website.  I confess, I did get lost in its pages for a bit, but as I ran head on into another one of those gossipy, homespun silliness theories, I was quickly brought back into reality.   Today’s ninny of a notion goes as follows, as stated by the author, while discussing how to properly render lard. She says: "bits of meat can contaminate your lard."  When I...
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