Multiple Colored Bandanas
31 May 2014 by filed in Preparedness
62 Reasons Why my Bandana was Saved from the Donation Pile--by Guest Contributor Emily S   Over the years I have accumulated a collection of bandanas which I have received from various events, activities and as gifts.  After their immediate use had passed I would wash, fold, and tuck them away in my sock drawer.  About a year ago while I was doing some spring cleaning, I came across my collection of bandanas and decided that since I had never used any of them, and they were just taking up room...
27 Sep 2010 by filed in Food Preparedness
In 1985, a group of agricultural scientists set out to evaluate the mineral content of primary farmers in the U.S.  The first stop was the Jolly Green Giant Farms in the San Joachim Valley in CA.  To their horror, the researchers found NO calcium or iron content in the soil of this prominent produce supplier. Fast forwarding to today, the results certainly aren’t any better. In fact, they are worse. How do you go from “zero content” to worse you might ask? Well, instead of having no valuable...
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