Food Preparedness

food storage mistakes
16 Feb 2016 by filed in Food Preparedness
I hate to break it to you, but it’s very likely that you’ve rendered your food storage completely useless by ignoring this one, critical consideration. So take a deep breath…be ready to learn… and then repent. *grin*   If you know nothing else about me, know this: I believe wholeheartedly in approaching preparedness with an “everyday focus”.  I believe firmly that if you prepare for the everyday types of scenarios, then you’ll be prepared for the more extreme crises scenarios that may come up...
15 Oct 2009 by filed in Preparedness
Rotating Can Shelves photo c/o The Sassy Saver   Last weekend I was speaking with a very excited man who is a relatively new acquaintance of mine. He claimed that he had finally broken down and bought a years supply of food for his family and even purchased those “nifty” little shelves to hold all of his cans. He was so excited, he just had to show me. So he took me to his storage room along with his pleased wife and with the flare of a Broadway emcee, displayed his years’ supply of food...
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