fog of war

Kellene teaches women's firearm self-defense
24 Apr 2015 by filed in Mental Preparedness
"Fog of War" is a term I use in both everyday preparedness, as well as in being prepared for self-defense scenarios.  Today I'm going to address firearm self-defense scenarios more specifically, however, before I do, I just want to bring up one point that applies universally to everyday preparedness. Having THINGS, such as food, water, ammo, etc. don't make a person prepared. PRACTICE using, finding, thinking about, learnign about the use of those things is what makes a person prepared.  A...
02 May 2013 by filed in Mental Preparedness
  Mental Preparedness Preparing for Fog of War   The term “fog of war” is heard frequently amidst the fighting terrain of our soldiers.  In the middle of a shoot out between our forces and enemy combatants, time seems to warp, speed up, and just plain stop, depending on which soldier you speak with. This phenomenon is a result of the mind assimilates all that is going on around them at the time of a high adrenaline state. This altered state doesn’t just occur on the...
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