Self Employment For Preppers
10 Oct 2013 by filed in Entrepreneurship
  As I stated in Part 1 of this series, I firmly believe that there has never been a time since the sovereignty of this nation began, that has been more desperately in need of us developing the ability to support ourselves financially.  Self-employment! We must become more faithful to ourselves, more trusting of our God, and more willing to live by the Law of the Harvest if we want to break free from much of the insanity of today’s economics.  In today’s part 2 of the series I’m going to...
01 Jun 2010 by filed in Financial Preparedness
by Kellene Why I Refuse to Have Anything to do With Oprah This is a multi-part series that will specifically address the aspect of self-employment and why it’s critical to our independence—even if only pursued on a minor level. I will also be sharing information on how to make a self-employment status more profitable and how to better manage the taxation thereof as well. For starters, I realize that the title of this article may constitute some type of a first degree offense with some people,...
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