doomsday preppers

26 Sep 2014 by filed in Preparedness
Preparedness is not about being a hermit, or a Rambo-like survivalist.  And there might not be much time left for you to get one of your most critical assets in place--Your Community.   There’s a component of preparedness that I fear most preppers omit, either because they don’t understand the value or they refuse to understand the value.  And that’s the COMMUNITY.   While the headlines have been full of plenty of reasons to remain somewhat private about the extent of one’s preparedness...
18 Jan 2013 by filed in Mental Preparedness
  I’m convinced that the difference between peace and misery is practice—especially when it comes to preparedness. Practice is a very powerful educator and every time I practice, it is a time when I learn something new; see the scenario a little differently, recognize weaknesses which cause me to reevaluate and recognize strengths which gives me peace and confidence—something that is always in short supply amidst a crisis. I'm talking about practicing living like you envision having to live in...
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