Coronavirus Crazy Day 1: How Do You Feel?

Welcome to Coronavirus Crazy Day 1. 
Freeze Dried Food Storage Last night a close friend asked me why I'm not freaking out. She knows that I'm prepared temporally speaking. But she was referring more to the emotional, spiritual aspects of things. I answered her that night but afterwards I thought that I might share my answer to her with the rest of you.  Hopefully, it won't be a big surprise to any of you what my answer was to her, as I'm certain that I've stayed consistent to my faith, beliefs, and my foundation for my preparedness.
Whether or not I believe this whole scenario SHOULD have played out the way it has, is irrelevant. It does me no good to get angry about it, and in fact, it harms me to do so. (Anger is such a "loud" emotion that it makes it very difficult for peace, calm, intuition, etc. to be heard.) No one thinks clearly in a state of anger. More importantly, though I'm not angry about the scenario. Why? Because I see this as a benevolent gift from our Heavenly Father--a dress rehearsal, if you will; an opportunity for each of us to SEE for ourselves that our lives can be disrupted so easily, and better view the ripple effects that such a disruption can have.
I've heard it often from many of you... that the vast majority of our friends and family members don't believe that there could be such a disruption in our lives nowadays. I'd say that most of us, on any given day, are far too comfortable in the ways and comforts of our daily lives. But with this experience, even the greatest Doubting Thomas can actually SEE for THEMSELVES that it's truly possible for there to be an indicdent in which we need to be prepared. That's just one reason why I look at this as a blessing.  I  look at this as His loving reminder to all of us that anything can happen, and in fact, He's made sure that we've heard prophecies over and over again as to WHAT WILL happen in these, the latter-days. So get the privelege to use this scenario as a dress rehearsal--to see with our own eyes that a massive disruption is legitimate, due to the fragile state of what we take for granted daily. Likewise we get to see that it's not all "doom and gloom". If properly prepared, we all can COMFORTABLY endure it if we will prepare with a mindfulness of the Ten Principles of Preparedness. Ten Principles of Preparedness by Preparedness Pro
The truth is, He does NOT want us to suffer needlessly. He wants us to avoid as much as of the pain and suffering and anxiety and depression and stress as possible.
I, for one, am grateful for this whole COVID-19 experience. I can't help but find myself grateful for it. It's has the potential to wake sleeping souls and it's helped me realize just how blessed I've been as well.  I've lived off of my preparedness efforts a great deal over the years without restocking, and yet I still find myself relatively comfortable in the midst of this craziness--even with the real possibility that it will be drawn out longer than a few weeks.
I earnestly pray for the rest of you as well--that you may find yourselves drawing closer to God in the midst of this experience--in gratitude for the relationship you have with Him at this time, and for the LACK of inconveniences you may have because you are prepared. May you also find yourself grateful that you are made aware of some of the gaps you have at present in your state of preparedness. Maybe those gaps are temporal; perhaps they are spiritual; nonetheless, I truly believe this is a blessing to all of us, to sober us up a bit, so that we can see just how vulnerable we truly are in the flesh, and then we are granted more time to do what we can to ensure some peace of mind in the future, when that vulnerability makes an even greater impact than this scenario has thus far.
May you all find peace in your preparedness and gratitude for His blessings.  Fear Not in Preparedness


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