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Hey there,

I've been busy preparing for an education event that I'm taking part in this weekend. It's an event that I've attended (and taught at) regularly and I've not missed it over the past 4 years.  I got to thinking today about how much I wanted to do to share this information with those that I know would love it and I just had a spur of the moment thought... Ready??

I've decided to give away 4 scholarships, courtesy Preparedness Pro, to anyone who would like to attend an amazing 2-day education conference taught by Be Young Total Health. I don't have the luxury to take time out for 2 days for just anything. I make time for this though because their education is exceptional and I'm able to immediately able to utilize it to do my job of helping others.

The education will consist of a myriad of ways to take charge of one's health using alternative means such as nutrition, medicinal quality essential oils, learning the body systems and how to determine the CAUSE of an issue rather than chasing the symptoms. The lymphatic system, which is the least understood and under-researched body system, will also be addressed during this education event. Bottom line, it's ALL education. No rah rah sessions, no over-the-top frills,--just awesome education.

It's held in Provo at the Marriott Convention Center from 9-5 this Friday and Saturday, July 18th and 19th (with a 2 hour lunch break in the middle of the day). If you're interested in coming, Preparedness Pro will pay the tuition price of the first FOUR individuals. Message me if you'd like via our Contact Us link. 

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I would love to learn more

I would love to learn more about BeYoung. I signed up under Kellene Bishop way back when she first began with that company.

We could never afford even

We could never afford even the travel for an opportunity such as you're offering, but, I wanted to say how generous you are for making it available to people in this manner. Also, thanks for your great work.

Wow! So generous! Thank you

Wow! So generous! Thank you! Though I cannot take advantage of this offer (I live in Virginia), I appreciate your generous spirit!


I would love to attend this

I would love to attend this another year, I have plans for this weekend already, but please post about this next year. Good luck, I hope it's a great weekend!

I'd love to attend, but

I'd love to attend, but unfortunately unable to get out to UT at present, although I do have family in SLC. Maybe next time if there is one... Thx though for the offer, John

It's more likely that I will

Preparedness Pro's picture
It's more likely that I will have come to your neck of the woods by then, John. ;-)


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