Why Be Subjected to Ridicule by Appearing on "Doomsday Preppers"?

By Guest Author, Dennis Evers

Doomsday PreppersNote from Kellene, The Preparedness Pro: If you saw my episode of "Doomsday Preppers" then you no doubt saw the segment which featured today's guest author, Dennis Evers. I was SO impressed with how responsibly Dennis has raised his large family and how sane and normal they all looked. I even found myself envious that his daughter, Ricky, could weld with the best of them.
Dennis is a former police chief and has created one of the most often referred to resource guides among law enforcement, military, and big business personnel all over the world. He's definitely a man with a plan--and one which he believes in so wholeheartedly, he's successfully been able to pass it on to his 11 children and their children. But more important than that, Dennis is clearly one of the good guys that the Lord's blessed this world with. So rather than you having to "listen" to me today, I thought I'd give you a dose of no-nonsense, good guy talk by Dennis Evers. Enjoy--I know I did.

Why Be Subjected to Ridicule by Appearing on “Doomsday Preppers”?

By Dennis Evers

Doomsday PreppersWhen “Doomsday Preppers” contacted me and asked if I would be willing to put my family on their show I was reluctant, but it was put up or shut up time. As a former police chief, I’ve written for years in my spare time (when I’m not building signals) about disaster preparedness and recovery, terrorism and business continuity for some of the most prestigious security, business and government oriented publications in the US; most of them on assignment. My emergency response book has sold over 160,000 copies globally to police, fire, the Secret Service, all branches of the military and government, and is used by numerous Fortune 500’s as an emergency SOP. How could I turn down the opportunity to preach preparedness to a national audience?

One concern I had was that they would do things like call our gateless property that has “welcome” signs hung about, a “compound”, or take other “dramatic license”. Granted, they did stage some scenes to “spice things up” but after all, it is TV and it is entertainment and quite frankly, preparing is boring.

We are not prepared for doomsday; I simply advocate being prepared for any type of crisis that might affect my family. Act of God or act of man, their safety is paramount. If people wish to put the survival of their loved ones in the hands of corrupt, dysfunctional, self-serving political and financial systems that has each taxpayer owing $135,732.00 (as of 2/11/12) that’s their right. Source http://www.usdebtclock.org/

Doomsday PreppersOur preparedness has allowed us to ride out several snow storms and power outages without a hiccup. When a massive forest fire encroached, we took in families and livestock because we were prepared, not for doomsday, but for fire. Our grass was green and mowed, with a huge safety buffer and portable water tank, pump and hose.

Those that didn’t have basic disaster prep in the form of a defensible space fire plan lost their houses because it always happened to “someone else”.

As far as my kids go, they are taught skill for life, not disaster skills. Things like how to change their oil, starter, brake pads, how to do some basic wood and metal working so they can build things. My girls all know how to completely service their vehicles bumper to bumper because it saves money, helps insure that some unscrupulous mechanic won’t be able to take advantage of them, and might get them safely home if their car breaks down.

When we meet on Wednesday night as a family, it is to play, not talk about prepping. If something is happening that we need to be aware of, we share it, but other than that it is to visit and enjoy a big family meal.

Doomsday PreppersI am not a tree-bark eating, live-in-a cave type of guy. I simply believe in the Boy Scout motto, and feel that the onus of survival rests squarely on our shoulders. Look at all the people sitting on roofs post-Katrina that didn’t have the foresight to take food and water up there after they pooh-poohed numerous warnings to evacuate. We have an oblivious generation whose entire existence is “i” toys, worshiping vacuous celebrities and brawling over sneakers.

As far as security goes, there are no guarantees whatsoever in life so we will continue to simply keep an eye peeled and trust in God alone.

Doomsday PreppersI’ve had some pretty wild things flung at me for being on the show, (and as a cop) but one thing about age is the older you get, the less you care about what other people think. If TSHTF and I weren’t prepared, I couldn’t face my family.

If anyone saw the show and realized that they should invest in some basic prepping, that’s great and it was worth it. A family that has a one or two month’s supply of food and water will be less of a burden (and a threat) on an already over-taxed emergency response system. If they want to take it further, good for them. For those of you that think we’re nuts, you’re absolutely entitled. Just be sure you enjoy the Kool Aid.

For more information about Dennis Evers, his book and how to contact him please visit HowToHandleACrisis.com


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Kellene Bishop,

I don't know if I could say it enough. Thank you. While I'm just beginning to get things underway, I've done a lot of research and fully believe if I would have found this site earlier I would not have had to spend so much time looking for answers or ideas.

I agree people need to be prepared for anything. While I don't think zombies are going to get me I do believe harder times are coming and have been prepared will make it easier for people. I as well get ridiculed at work for prepping. I have had several people at work ask when they would see me on the show "Doomsday Preppers" :) found that entertaining.

Again Thank you so much


Perfect! Couln't have said it any better. It's not about "doomsday" prepping. It's about taking care of you and yours and others you may be able to. It's about being self-sufficient and being one-less that emergency personal need to help!

I concur. Well said.

Well put. For us one of our big wake up calls was a tornado that ripped the electric lines from our home as well as phone lines (though we found out on a side note that even with no phone lines attached to the house at all that it was calling 911 which was amusing yet annoying when the police showed up and were getting annoyed over it) Now with in just the last two years besides the tornado we've experienced severe drought, extreme heat, fires, and a record breaking earthquake that produced damage for our area (Where earthquakes you feel are not normal) to me it is something that has screamed more and more to remain prepared for whatever as you never know what may happen next and it never hurts to be prepared and have some idea what to do rather than do nothing.

Kellen and Dennis.

I have read your post on your (Kellen) personal blog regarding this subject as well. I feel for you and all the other preppers who face ridicule for being on the show. I thank you. While I couldn't get my non prepping husband to watch the DP show, I was able to sneek in Andson Cooper! That opened the flood gate and made it possible for me to share your DP episode with him.

My question really was if they made you "pick" a cause to prep for? I know you both prep for anything.

Thanks again for all you both have done. As a brand new prepper, I can stress enoughmy gratitude.
Warmest regards,

They would not permit us to say "we prep for anything and everything" and they also worked really, really hard to use the word "doomsday." I don't know about the others but I just selected the one that I thought was more imminent than the rest.
Wow...Anderson Cooper actually did some good, eh? I'm so happy to hear that. You know, after the show, Anderson came back to chat with us briefly and said "I'm totally on board. I'm ready to start stocking up on weapons and food and water" Needless to say we all looked at him like he had four heads. So being the quiet, shy type, I asked him "Did Anderson Cooper just say what I thought he said?" He replied "Yes! I'm all on board."

Until I watched the show I thought my boyfriend & I were the only ones doing this anymore. Later I found this site and loved it right off the jump! I was raised during the whole Y2K scare & watched for years as my parents faithfully stocked out pantry, laundry room & garage with anything that would hold a long shelf life.
Sadly they were prepping for that one event and did not continue this practice after the treat was over. But something in me clicked, even as a child.
Now my boyfriend & I are both medically trained, we hunt regularly, I can or dehydrate anything I can get my hands on that is edible. We make our own meal kits aka "mre" with either enough for a large meal for 2 or a single meal for 1. We don't consider ourselves prepped for the end of the world "doomsday" but more so in case of disaster, financial ruin, or the economy going further down the drain. If one of us lost our job it would be very difficult for us to get by, so prepping helps us feel like we are preparing for anything even a job loss that may not effect the rest of the world.
Thank you for your site Kellene & thank you Dennis for helping others like me.

Thank you so much for articulating your balanced and practial approach to preparedness, and life in general. We've been 'prepping for over a decade, and planned for all kinds of scenarios, natural or man-made. And "shtuff' does hit the fan, sometimes, even if it's our own personal fan. You just never know.

My husband had a massive stroke back in October and it was not clear whether he would survive, or even be able to walk again. I'm thanking the Lord that he did, and that he has made an almost total recovery, but what I learned during that anxious time, was that our prepping took care of some of my worries. As I faced the potential of a world without my husband I knew that I would have food to eat, or barter with, and could run our household by myself if it came to that. My husband had made sure that I knew how the generator works and how to start it, etc., etc. There were so many things that would be 'ok', or buy me time to come up with a plan "B" because he/we have worked at being self reliant.

My realization: Preparing = taking the time to take care of the one's you love. That includes teaching them how to take care of themselves.


Watching Doomsday Preppers opened my eyes to the prepping I need to do. My feeling is those who make fun and ridicule the individuals trying to prepare for any kind of disaster, are the ones who will not be prepared for anything. It is my responsibility to my family (especially my 4 year old) to be able to take care of her. It should look like just another day, so she doesnt feel any stress or panic. It's more about being self sufficient, the way things were before we all got so comfortable and lazy with advanced technology. So I just want to thank Dennis and Kellene for putting themselves out in the public eye. You opened my family's eyes!!

The key part of this post was in saying you couldn't face your family if something happens. I can relate and am in total agreement. I am a veteran and former police and believe that those two occupations open windows into the world that many people never see, the darker side if you will.

Being prepared is simply being responsible and being responsible is the minimum you can do for your loved ones. Besides, it would be nice to have a light when that darker side appears at your door in a crisis, and it will appear. Thanks for going public and facing the media.

Love that he is really just teaching life skills! Love this!

I can never thank all of you enough. I've been struggling along trying to find information out about what to do and what is good storage food and not, where to get properly trained how to defend myself in an emergency. I have no experience in "self defense", hunting or camping. You could say I was a bit of a girly girly until about a year ago. The only thing I could think of was to use coupons to stock up little by little. I took hunter safety, auto mechanics, gardening, farming and baking courses. To me this is my life insurance, just like my car and health insurance which I also purchase myself. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Please provide more information for us just starting and struggling.

My parents taught me a lot about being prepared coming from war torn UK and being older parents we had to learn or go hungry.

Your show hasn't been on TV here in Australia but we have watched many through You Tube and love the way it has been put forward.
Doesn't it worry you that you may become a target in the time of trouble???

If there is a disaster, then it's likely that transportation will be difficult, let alone people's memories. :-) Also, I may have shown some of my cards, but it's also very clear that I know how and am willing to take care of myself. I never make any decisions based on fear. Never.

At first I thought what an inspiration this guy is. Then, after pondering further, I thought, yes, but no. Really, isn't Dennis doing what ALL responsible fathers/husbands/single parents should be doing? (if they are not already, that is). Setting an example, teaching his kids and not just trying to be their "friend", making their safety and peace of mind his first priority?? You go Dennis! My husband and I had been "dabbling" in prepping you might say. You and Kellene have reminded us of how much more there is to the process, as well as how important this mindset may be in our very near future. Please take care, and thank you for taking the "risk" of being on the show. By the way, the whole "Doomsday" thing...goofy name and not at all how either of you projected yourselves.

Thank goodness we didn't portray ourselves as doomsday kooks. :-)

Well said, Mr. Evers.

My Dad and brothers taught me to work on cars, change oil, change tires, etc. as well as hunt and fish to be able to take care of myself in time I may have too. Dad also taught me wild edible and medicinal plants.

Being prepared for whatever comes our way is important. I don't prep doomsday or end of the world as we know it. We live in the mountains so we have power outages from time to time from storms and are without for a few days. We sometimes lose power on a clear Summer day for no apparent reason.

I love this article. Fun to read, easy to understand and motivating.

Hi all,
My husband and I have only been prepping in a limited way, but planning a 'research trip' in our sailboat later this year to increase our skills. There's a limit to what we can do in our urban British terraced house- and we are planning in the longer term to get some land somewhere. But I read all your posts Kellene and I like what Dennis says too. When Sam started putting tins of food under the stairs four years ago I made fun of him a bit, though I soon came around. But the past few months I had no freelance work and we've both had trouble covering the bills. It's been invaluable to have that extra food to fall back on. It doesn't even have to be some big catastrophe- just a simple buffer against hard times keeps you from getting hungry and panicking if something unexpected happens. Thanks for all your resources and advice.
Here's a trailer for our 'research project' (I'm a filmmaker and over the next three years I'm hoping to make a less sensationalist, more fun online project that can also serve as a resource for people in Europe, where we have less of a tradition of self-sufficiency) : www.howtosurvivethefuture.org

Kellene, THANK YOU so much for being on Doomsday Preppers. That was my first introduction to you, and both my husband and I were very impressed with all that you've done to prepare. You've inspired us. Better yet, I never would have been introduced to your website or to how to wax cheese if not for that show. Thank you, again. I, for one, am so glad you did the show.

When I get recharged by such nice comments such as yours, I can honestly say that it's ALL worth while. Thank you!

At first the Name "Doomsday" Preppers put me off a little. But I watched the show & have loved all of them but one. I get great ideas for preparedness. I am a Christian & trust & believe in God & his perfect plan for my life, but I also believe he wants us to be smart & that it is Biblical to be wise with our time & resources. Thanks for all the great advice on the show & your website & blog & thanks to Dennis for his no nonsense approach to taking care of his family. God bless you both! Keep it up:)

Thank you so very, very much for you straightforward, non-fear mongering approach to prepping. I am a nurse and I have found that more times than not, people are simply not prepared for any life catastrophe, be it a car accident, economic collapse, or a natural disaster. People that I work with think I am crazy because the husband and I are preppers. My husband, being in the military, is in a wonderful position to see what is going on in the world. We have both understood the need to prep for many years. People laugh at our community of preppers, when really, they need to listen. One night at work, a co-worker asked me why I prepped and my answer was this: New Orleans, Katrina, California Wildfires, London Riots, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Africa, Columbia, and New York. She was puzzled and then it hit her: Those are all places that have seen some sort of catastrophic event in the last few years. Those are places where people have had to rely on survival skills. Not so funny now, is it? Thank you Kellene for giving us in the prepper community an intelligent and humorous voice, and thank you Dennis for being a father, role model, and protector of your children. Keep prepping, my friends.

My mother was born in England and went through Hitlers attack. I asked her if they had prepared for war by storing food. Her comment was "no, no one thought it was going to happen". It was an eye opening comment for me. I watch this program and each week I gleen info that I can use.

Kellene & Dennis;
Thank you for showing the world are not "nuts" , and have not lost our way in being self sufficient. My niece's family is on board with prepping for any disaster that could come along. I am giving her family all the information that I grew up with. As a child who's parents lived during the depression also survived WWII's food shortages, gasoline shortages. My parents tried to instill in me their knowledge to be passed on to the next generation about being self sufficient. Thank goodness some of them are listening.

Hey Kellene, I just got your latest e-mail which appears to be a bunch of prepping testimonials, but I'm not seeing it up on your site yet. How about having a section of your site dedicated to people sharing their stories about prepping as a way to help your readers show others why prepping isn't weird and why they should do it?

I guess I overlooked that somehow, didn't I? :) I'll check it out and start working on my entry!

there a lot of ways you can do this one is make a solar cooker a other is can what you grow the other is have friends and work as a team

be set to go be up for a huge fight in ways to get safe with food water abd a place to call home the more small things ad up to the teams work


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