EVERYTHING You Wanted to Know On the "Federal Agent's Raid on the LDS Cannery" Story

Holy cow! What a mess!!! Here’s a breakdown of the latest “drama” in the world of preparedness. I will forewarn you though; I have gone into great detail on the matter of whether or not the whole Federal Agents, Raid, Demand Customer List, LDS Cannery, Mormon Food Storage Facility” is true. Not only did I do some major “gum shoeing” on this story but I also share some baseline facts here that really should be considered before you make an opinion on this matter. Hopefully you’ll find this information helpful and by the end of it you can base your opinion and act in your best interests and that of your family’s preparedness efforts.

Puzzle piece #1: Oathkeepers.org posted an article in which they claimed that they had verifiable intel that two federal agents went into an LDS Cannery in Madison, TN demanding customer lists and financial transaction information. Their request was denied. They left, though reportedly a bit agitated.

Puzzle piece #2: On December 9, 2011, Alex Jones of Info Wars Nightly News broadcast an interview with the president and founder of Oathkeepers.org, Stewart Rhodes. (For those of you who don’t know, Stewart is a constitutional lawyer, with a degree from Yale, keenly interested in helping to prevent a police state, as well as a former clerk for the AZ Supreme Court, a member of Congressman Ron Paul’s D.C. staff, and retired Army veteran. He’s now focused primarily on promoting Oathkeepers.org.) The interview was simply a recap of the story posted by Oathkeepers, but with some updated bits of information confirming the story. Stewart specifically stated that Rand Cardwell, the Oathkeepers.org chapter president in TN, had verified the story by going to the cannery and speaking with the “management person.”

Puzzle piece #3: In addition to the story about the LDS Cannery, Alex Jones also addressed the developing story of persons in TN being questioned via “door to door preparedness checks.” This story was reported by the mainstream media, News Channel 5 in TN.  I started getting e-mails and messages about THIS story beginning the first part of November from persons both in TN, including two who were subjected to the inquiry, as well as persons outside of TN whose family members experienced this. THIS is the story that was quite alarming to me for reasons I’ll address in a later post.  As such, I posted the link of the Alex Jones interview on the Preparedness Pro Facebook page. (Just a reminder, that you “liking” Preparedness Pro on Facebook will get you up to the minute type of information that I simply can’t provide on the blog.) I did so with the statement that I had personally confirmed the story but it was the door to door interviews that I had confirmed due to NON-hearsay interviews, messages, etc.—NOT the LDS Cannery story. However, I didn’t have a problem posting the entire link from Alex Jones because I know that Alex Jones has a reputation that he can’t afford to sully, as does Oathkeepers.org, as does Lew Rockwell—who also posted the information, etc.

Puzzle Piece #4: Though I was more interested at the time in the door-to-door interview story, I felt that there was certainly a story that needed to be researched on the LDS Cannery issue because surely if such an incident did occur then that was very, very significant. I certainly wanted to get my own information/confirmation though.

One of the first things I do when I’m researching a topic is to trigger Google Alerts, setting up alerts for the phrase “LDS cannery” and “Mormon cannery” and a few other types of subjects. I do this so that I can try and find individuals that I can personally contact and actually speak with to confirm stories. Unfortunately though, all I was seeing was a reposting of the same Oathkeepers’ article.  But after reading it several times there was a portion of the article that didn’t sit right—the most significant of which is the sentence that bloggers kept using. They kept saying that Rand Cardwell confirmed the story with “a fellow veteran who stores his own food at the facility in question.”  This is an indicator that something isn’t right, because even though these facilities are frequently referred to as “the Bishop’s storehouse”, individuals do NOT store their food there. So no veteran friend of Rand’s, who “stores his own food at the facility”, could possibly exist. These facilities are run very much like any other grocery business with the exception that the majority of the work that’s done there is performed by volunteers, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  These members volunteer for a shift which can involve a myriad of tasks such as packaging the wheat into the #10 cans, or making applesauce and then packaging it, or cleaning all of the heavy equipment, etc.  When a member of the church volunteers their time for a shift, they are usually given access to purchase some of the products that are available at the facility such as canned fruits, vegetables, and grains. Anyway, people package and remove food from there—not STORE their food there. So frankly, this little misstep initially led me to think that this might be a bunch of hooey…but not so fast.

Puzzle Piece #5: Within 24 hours I started hearing from a bunch of regular folks that the story was a “fabrication” from Oathkeepers and Alex Jones. However, if you really want to know the truth, you have to hold all stories up to a standard of verification. The “proof” that these folks were offering to "substantiate" that the story was false was nothing more than "he said that she said that he said" stuff. For example, some woman tried to call "the cannery" and was told that the story wasn’t accurate. Someone else talked to someone else, who called the LDS Church headquarters and was told that the story was fabricated. Good grief! That kind of stuff is SO not helpful because it is presented absent of so many other facts. You certainly wouldn’t rely on the accuracy of The Second Coming taking place with that kind of information would you? So why in the world would someone rely on rebutting a potentially significant story in the same manner? (I have to admit, I was very disappointed with how gullible some folks seemed to be in that respect.  Being falsely led to believe that something didn’t happen is just as bad as being falsely led to believe that something did happen.)

Puzzle Piece #6: The Oathkeepers.org story has been pulled and Oathkeepers.org has even addressed the fact that the story was pulled and why—they were very blunt as to why, even in light of the embarrassment that came with pulling such a story. Frankly, that’s when I really started to wonder if there wasn’t some accuracy to the story. While there are those who would accuse them  (Alex Jones and everyone else who posted this story) as being nothing more than liars, the original source of intel was reported to have withdrawn his assertions. That just didn’t sit right with me. These guys are already having to battle fiercely to keep and grow their audience and they’ve all invested huge sums of time, effort, and personal expense to get their message heard. Would they really risk it all just for the sake of one single story?

Puzzle Piece #7: Rand Cardwell personally communicated with me on this matter. He stated that after directly communicating with his initial source of information, the testimony was recanted. Do you really think that if YOU were friends with a tough guy, Desert Storm Veteran, retired Marine Sergeant, like Rand Cardwell that you’d recant on something so significant as this without some serious motivations to do so??!! Veterans watch out for each other, but Marine veterans have an even more animalistic, super-power loyalty to each other. (If you know a Marine, you know what I’m talking about.) His source of information was a fellow veteran. A recant of this story, which would ultimately embarrass Oathkeepers.org and anyone else who put stock in such a story, certainly would not happen willy nilly…

Puzzle Piece #8: The LDS Church is a great asset to the U.S. as it has provided hundreds of millions of dollars of aid to NON-members throughout the country over the years—aid which could never have been provided at the hands of the government.  The LDS church is certainly not a political or humanitarian relationship to be underestimated. It would have been VERY, very foolish for federal agents from ANY arm of U.S. law enforcement to walk into an LDS church-owned private property and demand to see information on their customers. (All LDS church-owned properties are void of any liens on them.) It not only would have been an absolutely unprecedented move from a violation of privacy standpoint, but it also would have been an act of aggression against the LDS church.

Puzzle Piece #9: So IF a federal agent were so foolish to have done such a thing, I can assure you that when he reported back to his supervisor, he was most certainly put in his place with a colorful slew of obscenities and was demanded to back down from such an attack on such a powerful ally corporation and religious organization. (When I say “powerful” I’m talking in terms of organization, welfare capabilities, and influence—not any type of unrighteous dominion over others.) I mean really, can’t you just hear that conversation now? “You did WHAT?! Do you have any idea what you’ve just put into jeopardy?! Do you have any idea how big the Mormon church is?! Do you want Romney or Huntsman to win as the result of your stupid actions, garnering a sympathy vote because you went off half-cocked asking questions?!”  Yeah…I can just picture such an event. In fact, I can assure you that IF such a ridiculous interrogation did take place, the federal agents involved have been put on desk duty for a while until things are smoothed over and the story is properly contained, denied, covered-up, etc.

Puzzle Piece #10: IF such an encounter took place, there’s no way in the world that the news of such would have been disseminated purposefully to the public from the LDS Church’s side of things, and I can assure you that IF a person at the cannery was asked for this information, his/her first call would have been to their Regional Authorities. There’s not a single Regional Authority that would have said “call the news media immediately and report this.” So IF such an instance took place, and was indiscreetly shared with Rand Caldwell of Oathkeepers.org, I can assure you that that person didn’t have a clue as to what kind of a high-speed viral panic it would have generated. Thus it’s perfectly reasonable that in the interest of not causing a panic—especially among LDS church members—and not causing strained communication between the LDS church and the White House, that  IF such an instance took place, all persons were advised to keep it to themselves until the leadership of the LDS church could get to the bottom of it. They did in fact make a brief, to the point, statement about the incident.

Puzzle Piece #11: IF such an inquiry took place and IF it actually was sanctioned by a division of federal law enforcement, it could only have been done without a traditional warrant and proper notice to the cannery as a result of the treasonous Patriot Act, Section 215, which not only allows federal agents to search for whatever they want so long as they have a “significant purpose”, but it also puts a gag order on the person/entity at the subject of that search from speaking about the matter to ANYONE—even their own attorney!  This week’s most recent “Justice Department law” S 3081 doesn’t help anything either. It attempts to allow the Justice Department to waive any requirements of Habeas Corpus for AMERICANS if they are merely suspected—not proven—to be a terrorist. What is an indicator that they MIGHT be a terrorist? Oh, you know, if they have more than 7 days of food. Attempting to refute the original story without being mindful of these two compelling injustices that are valid right now in our nation is very, very naïve.

Puzzle Piece #12: While it may smart a little bit, the fact is, I am a “nobody”, so to speak, in the eyes of national news and an organization as big as the LDS Church. If this did happen, it’s a very serious matter and if I were the leader of the LDS church, I would certainly want to contain the information A.S.A.P and handle this situation very delicately. I certainly would not be dishing out all of the info to every Tom, Dick, and Kellene that called to inquire. So, to think that "so and so" could just pick up the phone and call the LDS Church (which, by the way, the LDS members are asked NOT to do, rather they are supposed to speak with their local clergy first and run up the ladder from there) and get the facts on this kind of matter, is just plain ridiculous. Neither would I be able to just pick up the phone and call DHS or the Justice Department or the White House and get the straight scoop on this.  Capiche? So, confirming OR denying this story all because of a couple of phone calls to the LDS church or government entity is foolhardy and obtuse.

Now don’t these bits of applied logic make sense? So, do I now have you totally confused? Is the story accurate or not? And if I’m a “nobody” then how can I confirm or deny the story? Well, I can tell you that it sure helps to have friends in all kinds of places including in all branches of law enforcement, most levels of banking, and at all kinds of levels and departments within the LDS Church. I am much more inclined to bank on a direct conversation with a personal friend at the FBI than I am some gal on YouTube merely saying that she called the Church Headquarters and the Cannery. Unfortunately though, such a conversation with an FBI friend would not be “for public consumption.” So here’s what I do feel comfortable sharing.

  • As far as the U.S. government is concerned, there was no “drop in” by Federal agents and that’s the official story we will hear forever on this matter.
  • As far as the LDS Church is concerned, this is a private matter of misunderstanding and in the interest of peaceful relations it will go no further. (see their official statement here)
  • The “agent” who actually DID ask questions, was not acting in a sanctioned activity in the capacity as a federal agent at the time—it’s called “plausible deniability”, folks. As such, the official word on this matter will always be that there was no “raid.”

But on a positive note, you can bet that even the false creation and subsequent circulation of this story will result in a letter directed to each of the canneries that IF such a scenario were to play out in the future, the policy will be that NO LDS cannery will release this kind of personal information to anyone, regardless of how dark their sunglasses are, or how big their guns are; and that the proper procedure will be to communicate directly with the Area Authority. As such, in my opinion, purchasing from an LDS cannery is one of the most “safe” purchases a person can make with regard to privacy. (More on that later.)

Rand Cardwell himself simply cannot and will not confirm the story as accurate any longer. However, I do not believe that there is any possibility that Rand Cardwell or Stewart Rhodes invented this story—though I do believe that there were certainly some components (no one stores their food in an LDS cannery) that were lost in translation that would need to be clarified if the story were to ever move forward.

I do not believe for a moment that Alex Jones went forward with his story without doing his own homework on the manner and being satisfied that it was, indeed, accurate; nor do I believe Lew Rockwell would have sourced the story on his site without having a longstanding relationship of trust with both sources. None of these individuals are so desperate as to risk the attention and trust of their entire audience all because of one sensationalistic story.

Bottom line, claiming that the story is fabricated without doing all of the homework, serious homework, is irresponsible in my opinion; it’s just too easy and too convenient. All of the claims that the story is accurate have structure and foundation behind them creating too many substantial points of fact  which I believe lend to the veracity of the story, in spite of the initial misgivings I had. On the other hand, there’s nothing but he-said/she-said to refute the story. (In fact, I would give a friendly warning that any persons attempting to color this story as a "lie" might open a person up to a liable lawsuit.)  If something more substantive comes my way to refute the story, I’ll consider it, but there’s simply nothing of substance at this juncture.

Ultimately though, whether you believe this story is accurate or not, it simply does not matter,  because it doesn’t alter our need for becoming more self-reliant—in peace, not panic. I think this whole hoopla strengthens our reasons for a more self-reliant life. I think it’s a significant warning that we need to appreciate that the pursuit of a self-reliant life isn’t going to get easier, but we can still certainly do it. In conclusion, I suggest that everyone go back to the 1st Principle of Preparedness, Spiritual Preparedness, and do a “gut check.” That’s your source of truth on this story and the only one you can ultimately rely on.

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Glad to have the confusion cleared up in a manner that makes sense to me.

Thank you for this carefully reasoned analysis. As a member of Oath Keepers, I am glad that you concluded the same thing I already knew... That Rand and Stewart did NOT just make this up. Someone DID tell Rand a story that they are now denying.

Oath Keepers does NOT need this kind of embarassment, and is putting in place a policy that we will no longer post ANY story like this without someone putting their name on audio or video and taking ownership for the story.

A lesson learned the hard way, I suppose. It will NOT happen again.

Thanks you Kellene,It will not hinder my trip to the food storage center in the spring.

Thank you for being level headed about this situation. Unfortunately, I sent the story out to my email list before it was completely confirmed. I saw the situation as believable and conveniently ignored the lack of evidence. We (preppers) tend to give unsubstantiated stories the benefit of the doubt too often I think. I agree with your assessment though. Whether it's true or not is irrelevant. We still need to be self reliant and LDS canneries are a great place to help us do that. And if the story is false (or only half true), at least we should use this as a learning opportunity to:

1) Pay cash for our prepping items &
2) Confirm the facts before we spread them.

Thank you for an excellent breakdown of this story. I agree with you completely and will be supporting a President in 2012 that will remove much of the powers that be from the Federal govt.

Amazing how much you sound like Buck!!! Great Job Lady!

LOL...I'll take that as a compliment, Verle. :-)

Thanks so much, Kellene, for breaking it all down into something we can wrap our minds around. There are so many folks who hear bits and pieces of a story and then run with it before they've had a chance to confirm the facts. An important lesson for all of us here. You just ROCK!

You know, you are an extremely good writer. I was a bit skeptical on this story when I first read it. But in light of your research and article I now have a solid opinion and thoughts on the matter. And you are 100% right that we need to go back to the first point of preparedness in order to deal with this situation. There's no better help out there than your own spiritual "gut check". Thanks.

Thanks for the very well written report. It is so rare to find someone willing to take the time to think through things and get them out there. The powers put in place by the Bush administration, continued by the Obama administration and now attempting to be expanded with bipartisan support are truly worrying. Very little of what happens in this country or world become general knowledge or part of history.

I confess I too sent this story out via my email list. I thought that perhaps my non-member friends might feel that encouragement to use the storehouse for purchases could possibly result in a trail of breadcrumbs to their doors. Initially my sending this along was in the hopes of some kind of confirmation by someone I could contact. I searched myself, to no avail, coming up only with many sites posting the article and no help to confirm or deny. I'm grateful for Kellene's work on this as my prep workshops are 98% nonmembers. I have repented and like James' comment above, I will continue to encourage preparation, and I will NOT repeat future unconfirmed stories. There is no such thing as failure, just being smarter the next time.

This is only the beginning of what they have planned for us and thanks to the bill passed by the 111th in their final hours and signed into law January 5th... the government now has full control of our farms, food, seeds, plants etc.... even your garden! http://www.naturalnews.com/030863_food_safety_bill_Codex_Alimentarius.html Do a search on this site AND EDUCATE YOURSELF AND ANYONE YOU KNOW WHO LIKES TO EAT... GOT FOOD?

Article, this kind of hooey is simply unwelcome in my world. I call it hooey not because certain regulations aren't real but it's ridiculous to claim that "the government has full control." We the People have control. It's simply a matter of whether or not we exercise it.
Just a friendly hint, we don't do doom and gloom panic kind of stuff here.

You've completely confirmed my "gut feeling" on this matter. Thank you!

I was doing weekly volunteer work at a Bishop's Store House that handled the Georgia and southern states areas for the LDS Church about 4 years ago. One day I was asked to give a quick tour of the facility to some FEMA people while the Store House Director was doing something else.

This was a friendly tour preceding some meeting I was not privy to. I was told that after a recent hurricane, that FEMA managers had been impressed with the quick response of the LDS church, the manpower, and supplies they were able to muster so quickly, they were impressed and were there to learn from the Church's example and emergency program.

I never got the feeling it was forced or a RAID, it was like many other things in the church I suppose, they did something well that helped others and it seemed FEMA wanted to learn it too.

Perhaps add some of those skills to their own readiness programs as well as knowing what resources are available from various sources would be helpful in any emergency.

Nothing scary or "Big Brother" about that I think.

"liable lawsuit"? Well, everybody makes misteaks!

Unfortunately, most lawsuits originate not based on facts, but on egos.

I think he's pointing out your mistake--the word you are looking for is "libel."

You are absolutely correct. Spellcheck certainly doesn't help in such instances, does it? *grin*

yes, Fred. It is referenced as a hyperlink in two sections of the article.

I thought that as a non-profit organization that their books are open already. I had heard 15+ years ago that anyone that purchases food at the cannery is on an open book list... perhaps it was hearsay then.. too.

Being a non-profit organization does NOT require that an entity gives up their constitutional right to privacy. Not by a long shot.

Thank you Kellene for the information. Wow do we need a clean slate in Washington DC. You did a great job of breaking down the story.

I agree with you in that the article was incorrect and that the "raid" never happened. However, don't think that the Obama administration would never attempt such a thing. It seems that I recall a little thing we have come to know as "Fast and Furious". A ruse set up to subvert something I like to call "THE SECOND AMENDMENT". Don't ever think that the government is not capable of or lacks the desire to obtain any and all information they can use to detain and or imprison so called terrorists. There are those in government that think if you are a veteran or own a gun or store food, you are a domestic terrorist. After all, they are lead by the Great Deceiver and their goal is a New World Order.

Paul, if the White House "would never attempt to do such a thing" then they wouldn't need to push their immoral and unconstitutional regulations and executive orders. And yet we are drowning in them. *sigh*


That was very insightful. I wish everyone could work through issues like you do. Thanks, for being a voice of reason.

Thank you for clearing that up. With the utter lack of transparency the US government is experiencing, the last thing we all need now is for bloggers we depend on to come under question. It's bad enough that the majority of the sheep in denial believe we all wear tin-foil hats.

I doubted the story from the beginning because I feel that if they really wanted to know who had food, it would not take long to tap into any store computer for a list of names...which would mean that they already have it.

So the real privacy issue for the canneries is what happens to the order form after the customer purchases the goods? This is the only portion of the transaction that links back to the customer. Check deposits into accounts are not itemized and typically show up as "Teller Deposit" for the total amount of checks deposited at one time. Shred these order forms and there is no record of the transaction that links back to the customer...

Doc, it's not quite as simple as you make it. All checks are now microfiched and stored electronically. Again, that's why I tell folks to use cash. I don't have a credit card or checks. I only use my debit card on transactions which it does not matter to me that someone else knows about.

A point on comment #4. I don't know the characters in this story, but when I read that statement, I just assumed that whomever the original writer of that statement was, was not a member of the LDS faith. A storehouse, SOUNDS like a place where you store food. So, the writer may have wrongly attribute the veteran's purchase of food, as something that it was not.

I also have to say thanks for this information and I was able to forward your link to those who forwarded me the oathkeeper's article.

"The Secretary will always disawaow any information or knowledge of about this subject " Mission Impossible... Our local Church cannery requires that we pay by check , rules change with people , governments , and Churches. Most everything you buy today is recorded by one's "rewards" card , or the hidden ceiling camera at the purchase counterin most stores around the country. Any large quanity purchases of food ,ammunition, medical supplies, fertizer,toilet paper, antibiotics,blankets, or immodium AD can put yourself on a "WATCH" list. "They want us to live in fear of terrorists, bogey men ,and look to the government ever more for dependence and safety. I believe the cannery story to be true , but it really does not matter. .

I'm more confused than ever. Did it happen or not? This appears that a story was planted to get people hooked on it and then to discredit them by denying it. I have noticed that when a news article breaks, it is usually based on the initial facts and honest reactions of people and then someone begins the "spin" to confuse the facts and it ends up just the opposite. I believe it happened and was floated as a trial balloon to see what would happen. We have a friend who was a marine and he told us about this kind of training over 10 years ago...no knock searches, etc. I believe Oathkeepers and feel we just need to be more careful to protect our personal privacy and liberty in a quickly changing world.

Great (and thorough) analysis of the whole situation. Thanks much!

I appreciate your thoughts on this important topic. I work at one of the canneries in question and I can assure you that NO federal agents have even attempted to obtain any records. Unfortunately, there are those who will choose to believe the rumors and there will be nothing you can do about it! I commend those that have rectified the emails originally sent out stating the rumor was true. Again, let me state with all certainty, that this story is FALSE!

First: I love your logic ;-}

Second: According to http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bill.xpd?bill=s111-3081 S. 3081: Enemy Belligerent Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010 This bill never became law. This bill was proposed in a previous session of Congress. Sessions of Congress last two years, and at the end of each session all proposed bills and resolutions that haven't passed are cleared from the books. Members often reintroduce bills that did not come up for debate under a new number in the next session.
According to http://www.opencongress.org/bill/111-s3081/show it was never passed.

To date (Dec 19) I have found NO re-introduction to this bill in either the house or senate.

Third: May the Creator bless you and yours always

Thanks once again, Kellene for an informed and well thought out and researched article. I don't know if it the story about the visit to the cannery by the feds, is true or not. The most interesting thing about it to me, is how many of us belive that it could have easily happened. We have reached the point, in the USA, where we do not trust our government or any law enforecment agency that represents them. It is a sad day for us all when we think in terms of "us" and "them", and they are the bad guys. One of the founding fathers (I think it was Thomas Jefferson) once said that "when the people fear the government, we have tyranny, but when the government fears the people, we have democracy. (or a representative republic)". So which do you think we live in now?

Very good point, Swede. I hate to say it, but I do wish that more were significantly less trusting of them than they are presently.

I have a small difference of opinion on one of your conclusions. I think Church Headquarters, now that the issue is/was on the radar, would establish a policy of cooperation with any requests for information,not the opposite like you suggest. Church HQ is way too cozy with the federal government for my taste, and in the name of good PR continues to support it (or refuse to condemn certain actions), despite their the horrible track record.

Sorry to be obtuse but I do not understand why this story matters at all. Is there just a concern that my personal info will get out if I buy food at the cannery? Is this somehow more dangerous than if my info was stolen from Walmart? Are we really worried that we will be tagged as terrorists if we buy 50lbs of wheat?
Just confused.

this is a great analysis. i've only just heard of it from a "friend who heard it from a friend with a gov. job who 'wouldn't lie about something like this'". so i decided to see what i could find on it. nothing much about it really. i used 2 methods to judge this story. the first being something my dad taught me, being "behind every lie is a grain of truth". to that end i believe that something occurred that lds doesn't want to talk about, but which may or may not have been misunderstood by the source. the second being a simple lie identification system. normal i judge by the behavior of the people around the teller to see if they support the story while it is being told. in this case, that isn't possible. however, i did watch the youtube video and there were 2 things that struck me. 1st was that after her telling of the phone call, she continued on after she ran out of things to say and the subject shifted away. i rewatched it twice to see if i just hadn't missed something in the natural flow. this is common to a lie, because the speaker is uncomfortable. the second and most telling, is that the woman very enthusiastically and with great authority pronounced that while she was conversing with the person "on the phone", the person on the other end of the call "threw up her hands" while denying that it happened. i would judge that this woman didn't have a successful conversation with anyone at lds, but felt the need to be an authority on it.

The FBI visit could have been a fishing expedition. With the presidential executive orders allowing seizing control of food production and transportation facilities, large stores of LDS church and member food stocks could become a target for the federal government in the event of a declared emergency. Having lists of both facilities and their customers would be necessary.


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