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This week: More freeze-dried reviews, a new Cheese Waxing Kit, this months' giveaway item announced, and a valuable resource for FREE medical preparedness books.

I don’t know about you but I felt like this weekend flew by. I really enjoyed doing the radio show this past Saturday which was on “Do It Yourself Dental Care.” You can download it so you don't have to miss out on all the information shared.

This coming Saturday’s show will be on Hoarding—what it really is, it’s legal definition, and how you can make sure you stay out of trouble with your preparedness efforts.

We’ve announced last month’s drawing winner, Chris Burns. Congrats! Today I’ll announce what this month’s drawing will be—and boy, howdy am I excited about it because it is a brand new offering that’s never even existed until this past weekend. It’s a Cheese Waxing Kit. It includes a specialized double boiler pan set that is rectangular and deep in order to make the dipping process easier; a fine, flat boar’s hair brush to ensure that all of the cracks and crevices are filled in, 5 yards of #60 weave cheesecloth—which is what I insist on when I’m doing my own cheese, two pounds of premium red, cheese wax, and most importantly, my brand new video and written tutorial, “Fool Proof Cheese Waxing” so that you can successfully wax your own cheese, complete with trouble shooting and how to avoid the most common mistakes such as your cheese “oozing” or mold developing, etc. It all comes in a handled 4 gallon square bucket so that you can keep all of your supplies together. The lucky winner will receive this kit (retail value of over $110) from Five Star Preparedness.  Since I’m giving it away this month, I suggested that Five Star offer it at a special group buy price this month—and what do you know—my wish was granted! So if you’d like to get your own kit for only $75 you may want to put your order in for that. Here’s the link to all of the info if you’re interested:

By the way, some of you were asking about where I get the powdered molasses. I get it from Five Star as well and it comes with the instructions so that you can use it at "black strap molasses" strength or a "baking molasses" strength. It has an indefinite shelf-life and I love making my baked beans with it! Just click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll find it.

By way of a reminder, if you want to enter to win our monthly drawings, all you've got to do is comment, comment, comment on the blog here or on our group on Facebook. The more times you comment the more times you enter to win!

Moving on…

I wanted to share a valuable resource for your preparedness efforts. Many of you may have heard of the books “When There Is No Doctor” and “When There Is No Dentist.”  Well, the publishers of these books have made them available via download for FREE along with a lot of other very helpful books as well such a mid-wifery, etc.  They are also available in many different languages, so make sure you spread the love on this bit of info. To download them for free, just go to (the link takes you right to their library of downloads)  I attended a so-called Super Preparedness Fair this past weekend and they were selling these books for $20 each "on special discount." So take advantage of them now while they are still free!

This week I’ll be making available the “Fool Proof Cheese Waxing” tutorial.  It will be a combination of both video instructions and written instructions with pictures so that you can learn which ever way is best for you. I'll be announcing it once the techno geeks are done with it so stay tuned. The Introductory price on this for two weeks only will be $14.95 and will include shipping. It will come as the other course do with a single DVD disk that also has the written tutorial on it. After the two weeks, it will be priced at $34.95 with free shipping.

I taste-tested two more freeze-dried foods over the past month. I’m sorry to say that both of them were dreadful in my book. Bland, mushy, and just plain unappetizing. Sure, your great grandmother trying to endure the Great Depression would have eaten it, but those folks also ate sawdust in their bread and crackers just to trick their bellies into feeling more full. I’m sorry if I’m stepping on anyone’s toes, but I tried TEN of the foods from E-Foods and I tried FIVE of them from Wise Foods. Yes, I’m am actually a good cook, so that may make me a little bit more challenging to please in this regard, but the last thing anyone should be doing is spending money on something that they don’t LOVE to enjoy. I can just hear someone now say “well, I could eat that if it meant the difference between starving to death and living.” Yeah, that MIGHT be the case. But let’s not forget about appetite fatigue and its potent emotional impact. And just so you know, the foods that I tried were supposed to be the “best foot forward” of these suppliers. In both instances they were providing these samples in order to entice customers to fall in love with their products. Sorry. I wasn’t even able to fall in like with them. I’m not sure why Wise Foods attests to having the longest shelf-life in the industry. I’m familiar with the published shelf-life of other freeze-dried goods and even just food products such as those from Shirley J—which I LOVE—and they have a verifiable 30 year shelf life. Thrive/Shelf-Reliance also has some tasty options. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their freeze-dried yogurts, sausage, and hamburger! Oh well. Just my two cents folks.

Lastly, the Ohio plans have been firmed up, except that I was only invited to teach a Fireside while there, not a Preparedness Pro class as well.  The Fireside entitled “The Sacred Nature of Preparedness” will be presented on July 10th at 7:00 p.m. at the Dublin Stake Center in Dublin, OH (which is right next to Columbus, OH). If you’d like any more info on this, just e-mail me.

Have a great week, everyone!

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Thanks for the heads up on these freeze-dried food companies. The reason we're preparing is so that we don't have to eat yukky foods!!

I really appreciate all the help on what works and what doesn't. It is nice to be able to learn so much from you. I am trying to pass on what I know to the people I know in my life. I am worried if we don't pass on some of these skills they will be lost completely to the next generation.

Thank you for the links to the free ebooks. I saw them elsewhere "for sale" and almost bought them. I am glad I didn't so I can spend that money on other preparedness items.

So excited, but I will take this in order and preserve all my opportunities to comment... ;). The dental show this last weekend was terrific! Thank you for all the valuable infomration you shared with us...

looking forward to the new video tutorial, and AWESoME item for the giveaway this month!

we need a video on types of Solar and cast iron stoves/ovens!

oh, PS thanks for the info on the e-books too!~

Thanks for the heads-up on the book downloads. They have so many good titles to take advantage of right now.

Thanks for telling us about the " When there is No ..." medical books, these books have been around a long time and have a good reputation for being used by lay people. I will check them out.
Sorry to hear the freeze dried food tasted yucky, now you are E-Wiser about them, sorry had to make a pun about that.

Thanks for all of the wonderful information. I am just wondering, have you ever tried the freeze-dried from Shelf Reliance?

That was addressed in last weeks Preparedness Pro Update, Tina as well as in the article entitled Freeze-Dried Preferences.

Need to try waxing cheese again. This time I will dry them on the counter for several days. Would Monteray Jack and Cheddar be considered hard cheese? Thanks so much for all you share with us.

Our stake had a special conference and L. Tom Perry spoke on self-reliance. YEAH!!!! Get out of debt. Store some food. Stay close to the Lord. We don't know what lies ahead for our families: unemployment, sickness, etc etc. We need to be able to rely on ourselves if at all possible. Otherwise, we are at someone else's whims, desires and choices on our behalf.

I've been waiting for the right time to start waxing cheese. I guess this is it. Can't wait for the drawing, I'm ordering mine now! Thanks again for all you do for us.

Thanks for the link to the free E-books. I am looking forward to your up coming article on hoarding. I know some people who hoard, and of course there is the T.V. show that goes into this area of life. But, there are executive orders already in place that give the government to take whatever they want from you in an emergency. They can even take away your civil rights and use you as a slave or worker for government projects in an emergency.

I like the people in my stake because they are always giving out ideas on how to improve your finances, create businesses, and get better skills to help you to get a better job or improve your position in your company. This is an area of prepping that nobody outside of (my) church ever addresses in the prepping community. My main priorities are prepping for finances, fire, tornadoes, and then prepping for food, water, medicine, and other supplies, because I believe that the only realistic disaster that we may face is an economic disaster and not an EMP, or world wide natural disaster. In a world wide cataclysmic event such as is stated in the book of Revelation then I don't think any amount of prepping is going to work out to well. But, otherwise, if the Lord tarries, I am mainly prepping for an economic disaster.

John, I'm happy to say you are incorrect. No, the government cannot take whatever they want from you. Guess you'll have to tune in to the show to find out how that's the case.

I'm excited for the cheese waxing info. Hooray! I need to download the books and print them out. They won't do much good on a computer if there's no electricity. Thanks, Kellene!

Glad to see cheese waxing tutorials. I want to give it a try.

I've been wanting to try cheese waxing so I'd love to win this! And thanks for the links to the free e-books. Definitely going to try those out.

Love your website and all that you share with us! I especially appreciate your honesty in your reviews of things and just "telling it like it is". Thanks!

I am a new Preparedness Pro reader. As such I am far behind on long-term food storage and general preparedness. I notice in this column, you "rate" several food products; or should I say provide an honest opinion. Is there one or several reading sources and/or web-sites that offer honest opinions, very much like one might find in Consumer Reports?



yes, you can find such in last weeks Preparedness Pro update as well as in an article entitled "Freeze Dried Preferences" Just look it up in the search bar.

I would love to make my own cheese, I think I need some "real" tools to be effective at it.

I tasted a few of the freeze dried foods at a preparedness fair, and I was not at all impressed with most of them. I forgot to remember the brand of the one I liked ok, but I figure for the price, I can cook my own noodles with my own sauce. If I want something dried, ready to reconstitute, I can use dehydrated veggies, noodles, etc.

Thank you for the links on the books. I love all of the information you provide to help us.

thank you for the ebook link and making time to create the cheese video! You care about those who read your work! thank you thank you thank you!!!

As always provide us with the "best and most researched info".....GEE...maybe that is why your are so respected and trusted....I am excited about the waxing equipment....I have been been checking out some of the cheese making and equipment sites.....Do you have any favorites? There are four things that I cannot live without....air,water,chocolate and cheese....I took your advise and used my wide mouth food sealer on M&M's. March of last year,ran out of sweets this weekend.....opened the jar......they were great!!!!!! I have a question. do you put your cake mixes and like things in plastic...then jars?I may have to go back and read all of your past post's....would be good for all of us......Another it better to leave my 5 star preparedness sprouts in the bucket (even though some are open) or should I use the jar sealer? Again Thank You for all of your hard work to help others. If the poo poo hits the can know that you have saved many lives....(I bet that you have never even looked at it that way)... Please slow down and take care of your health......we need you!!!!!

Yes, with the cake mixes I leave them in the bab, puncture them with a small hole, and then put them in the Mason jar. Anything powdery like that I would do that. I also just put the entire candy bars in there with a small hole puncture in their wrapping and then seal them up.

You can keep your sprouts in the bucket as plastic is not oxygen proof and you want them to still be able to breathe.

I'm a new Preparedness Pro reader. Thank you so much for making such great information available! I'm excited to try cheese waxing! I'll be very glad to hear about the tips on not going overboard and starting to hoard. I can already feel myself becoming very passionate about preparedness and imagine not recognizing the stopping point.

Those e books sound very interesting! Looking forward to checking them out...also the molasses has me interested...I'm not used to using it in my everyday cooking, but especially since it's got a basically forever shelf life...I will learn. My husband grew up with it...I'm from NJ originally and never ate it growing up. Thanks again!

Thanks for the heads up on the freeze dried foods that you have tried and didn't care for. Do you have recommendations on your favorites that you will share?

Thanks for sharing all of your research, tips and ways to help us be better prepared.


Just found your article from last week - ignore my last request on your favorite freeze dried foods. Guess I missed reading that one for some reason.


Thanks for the ebooks, love your stuff.

Oh yes there it is! Sorry, I should have searched first. I am really enjoying all of the wonderful information you provide. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

Thank you for the link to powdered molasses. Was wondering how i would store enough brown sugar now I know that I dont have to. Just make my own.

Hi Kellene, I am fairly new to your blog and the preparedness lifestyle... I must say, it certainly feels lonely. I've posted requests on Craig's List and Freecycle - trying to find other local preppers - to no avail. Any suggestions? I'm kinda burned out on trying to convince people that I know... They have turned me off and definitely DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT. Sad.
Anyway, I would like more info about the upcoming Dublin event... sign-up info, cost, address, who is hosting it and any other details you may have!!!
Thanks for all you do! I certainly have more ideas and plans than I have time and money. I am having to learn to prioritize it and juggle it. Would be nice to find someone in the area to work on this together! Just in case other readers are nearby here are local zip codes for where I'm at! 45347/47374/45320
Well, I better go get busy downloading!!! Thanks again! Lainey

Lainey, have you heard of the American Preppers Network? This website is broken down into states where you can post to folks in your area. I am the
State Moderator for Georgia and we have been really building a nice network of supportive people. Do check it out and see if it fills your need, best of luck.

Will cheese waxing work in a hot and humid climate or do we just need to can our cheese? I already have some wax and cheese, but I don't want to waste my time(and the wax).

waxed cheese really needs to be stored in a cool, dry environment. But then so does most of your feed stuffs. So presuming you've got somewhere to store that, then you'd put your cheese in the same place. Good luck!

Thanks for sharing the link from Hesperian. I have downloaded these onto a thumb drive for "just in case" purposes!

Kellene - Thanks for all you do! I been contemplating waxing cheese and can't wait to order your tutorial.

Your earlier post inspired me to get serious about cheese waxing! Thanks!

Just gave my mom a Food Saver and wide and regular mouth jar sealers for Mother's Day. My kids love opening a jar of candy bars or M&Ms for a treat. Now grandma can store chocolate treats too.

What an awesome gift!

Would love to win the cheese waxing kit!! It would be nice to be able to try my hand at preserving cheese for long periods of time. Thanks for the chance and all you do to help us!

I too have really really wanted to try the cheese waxing. What a great prize for someone to win!

Thanks for all the links and your opinions on freeze dried products. KEeping a close eye on things here before I buy.

Great info!

Thx for the e-books! If we purchase something from Five Star is there an option for "pick-up" instead of shipping? (somewhere here in Orem)

yes, that's what most folks from this are do is just pick up.

Hi, I would love the info on the Dublin event. It's not too far from me. Thanks for all your info, I've learned a lot.

Mary Ann

O.K. Just sent you a detailed e-mail.

Thanks for all of your posts. I have learned so much as I read and have listened to your webinars.It is great to have someone like you to refer to for those of us on the east coast. I talk about you all the time to people I know and suggest they look you up. Thanks so much!!

I've done several of Kellene's experiments. Some work out some don't.Failures should be attribited to "Operator Head Space" and a lack of practice. But every time I do try I get better. Everything takes practice for you to become proficeint.
I could'nt give up on my home, my family and freinds, my garden, my shop and go to the FEMA camp. I don't think a FEMA camp is the answer for me.
So if you want to live in a camp and have food/water delivered by the PTBs that's on you. Lets say I've a less than livly respect in the Feds concerning my food supply and how much they care about me. Heck if it's good you. I'm not taking your stuff in the camp I can supply myself.

I am truly looking forward to your upcoming cheese tutorial. I have kept cheese in my storage room for one year and 9 months and it is still very good. I only wrapped it in aluminum foil, then newspaper, and stored inside a thick styrofoam box. It had a little bit of moisture, but no mold. Very tasty! I'm hoping to get evden more time with your method. Thanks for all your efforts in our behalf. Linda

Thanks so much for the E-books.I am so excited about this cheese thing!!! I have been reading on your site for a year now and have learned so much.I have been also trying to tell my family that you need to prepare even if its just for all the natural disasters and they mostly make fun of me! Only one son that served five years with two trips to Irag(a marine)who God totally saved from being killed several times believes and is preparing.

I would luv to win the cheese waxing kit, I am on a very limited disability budget and would not be able to afford it otherwise! Thank you so much for a very informative blog...blessings!

Love the idea of a tutorial coming. Here goes with a weird question...

Kellene have you ever purchased mustard by the gallon and then repackaged into smaller quantity containers for long term storage? i.e. 1/2 pint or pint jars? What about gallon sized mayo? (These would be purchased at a restaurant supply store locally.) Thx for the e-books!

Nope, I get all of my mustard for free and my mayo nearly free. Thank you coupons.

Lainey.....I must agree that american is a good site...I have talked to and even met some preppers from my state (some even close) This is a very good way to meet with anything be careful. Do not give out info about your self,just use common sence. You will soon learn if these people are preppers or crooks...Kellene has done a great article on keeping yourself and your food stash safe. I would suggest that you look back in Kellene's blogs...Please read this before you do anything. Very informative.

Kellene, do you plan on doing another update on your freeze-dried food preferences, etc? It sounds like you've been doing a lot more experimenting with new, I wondered about your molasses. Is there a reason you choose powdered molasses over just buying molasses? I've never noticed my molasses going bad - does it have an expiration or is it just the amount of bulk you can store in one can that makes it more convenient?

Also, when you refer to the available downloads for the books on Where There is No Doctor, etc. how did you use this info? Did you print it off or do you just keep in on your computer? Do you know of anyplace offering it for a kindle or nook or something like that?

Thanks for all you do! Hope you are feeling better. :)

you can check on Amazon to see if they offer it via Kindle. I'm a good ole paper and binding kind of a girl though. I printed off the resources on the e-books so that I can mark them up with my highlighter and tab the pages that were important to me. That's how all of my books look and how my husband can tell whether or not I've read one. :-)

Powdered molasses: There are so many different kinds of molasses required in a variety of recipes. But with the powdered you can get it to accommodate any strength you need. Plus, in the event of an earthquake, I'm likely to lose my jars of molasses, whereas my plastic bucket of molasses powder is more likely to survive. Lastly, it's less expensive.

Thank you, m'dear! I'll have to get me some!

I've looked at several dehydrated and freeze dried food products and my # 1 concern is were preservatives used and if so, what kind. Some use sulfite or sulfate which are life threatening for some people; me included. Several years ago tests were done on sulfite/sulfate treated iceburg lettuce. Don't remember just how long before the lettuce began to show signs of decay; if ever. The lower the priced ones were preserved this way. I would urge everyone to check this out to make sure the "good buy is also good for you".

I wholeheartedly agree with you. That's why I interview manufacturers and pay attention to labels. That's also the reason why I'm vehemently against some of the more well-known companies which I've named previously.

You're absolutely right. When a freeze-dried product is super-duper cheap, it could be a tip off as to their freeze-dried process used. The method used my NASA doesn't require any of the "ites" however it's a very expensive process to set up initially, thus more and more companies are jumping in without a financial commitment because they are only looking to get in while the trend is hot and then get out. The cheaper foods don't go high-tech and use the additives. Thus the length of establishment of a manufacturer can also be a good indicator of what you're looking at. Regardless, I'm always asking very pointed questions as to their freeze-drying process. This is not to say that a great sale or a new company is all bad, but it's certainly cause for pause and some additional research.

Then again, you can dehydrate your own foods in the absolute best manner which, in my opinion is through the use of the solar oven. I've compared dehydrating foods in a solar oven vs. a top of the line dehydrator. Where I can certainly get more down in the big dehydrators rather than the solar oven, there is a distinct difference in taste with a solar oven. I don't know what it is, but I wish everything I ate had the kiss of the sun like I get using my solar oven. :-) Thanks for your comment!

Thanks for letting us know about the E-books. I've been concerned about what to do in an emergency situation or when a severe toothache strikes.

Thank you so much for allowing us to purchase a cheese kit at the discount/group special... I ordered one and I am so excited to try this!!!
Thank you so much for all you do Kellene!!!
Cheryl ;-)

How can I order the “Fool Proof Cheese Waxing” tutorial?

I'm looking forward to the cheese kit contest, but that sale price on the kit looks pretty good. Thanks for the great price. This should get many of your followers to try it. I have stored cheese for about three years now and it is still good after two years even without wrapping in cheese. I'm looking forward to getting even better storage with this kit.

I cannot wait to try my hand at cheese waxing. This is an exciting new step in preparedness efforts for me. Thank you for inspiring me to be better.

Waxing cheese!? Long-term cheese storage?? I had no idea!! Thank you, thank you, thank! I'll be trying this!

Is there a way to purchase just the cheese wax instructions and video, I already have cheese wax, double boiler, brush, and cheese cloth. thanks

Yes, you can just go to

Thanks for the helpful info. I am a newbie and studying up on various methods to prepare. My family loves cheese and I didn't know that it could last so long.

I recently discovered your blog and now keep up with you via facebook. thanks for the review of the freeze dried long term food storage. I had a fellow prepper say the same about Wise foods. I find your articles to be very interesting and informative. Keep up the good work and thank you for your time and effort. Blessings, Carol

I went to and looked at the ordering options for the cheese wax but there was no option to just order the video and instructions. It was only available in the kit, but I don't need the kit.

Have a question. Hope someone can answer.
I have some red hoop cheese that I plan to wax( two sides).
If we leave home for few months & house gets maybe even freezing.
Will the cheese be ok or should I put it in the refrigerator prior to leaving
then when we return home can it be put back into pantry shelf?

I closely watch my waxed cheese for the first month to make sure that all of the water content has leaked from it substantially. This process can cause a split in the wax, or simply the liquid to be absorbed by the cheese cloth I wrap it in. Regardless, if it were me, unless the cheese is waxed a month before you leave for a while, I'd just postpone the waxing of it. Otherwise, leaving it like that will be fine.

If I wanted to put in refrigerator after watching 1-3 months will it be ok to put in the refrigerator till we return(just to protect against rodents etc we don't have rodent but just for protection)?
Also after returning home it it ok to put back on the pantry or will cheese get any moisture by putting in fridge then back in pantry room?
Thanks for all info.

After 1 month you'll know if you have any problems. If not, then you could put it in the refrigerator if you'd like though I'd put it in the crisper.

Don't know what a crisper is. But this got me to thinking could I put it on racks in my oven - that would protect it from anything. But would it get enough air to breath?

The crisper is one of the drawers in your refrigerator. Unless you're oven is indeed cool, I wouldn't put it in there, personally.

After waxing will cheese age in the refrigerator?

Is this process safe to do:
Saw lady on youtube that cut cheese, coated with vinegar & let sit for 2 days covered with cloth before waxing.So I was wondering if this is ok or not?

WOW!! Your site has soooo much to offer!! I came across it just a few weeks ago when I saw you on "Doomsday Preppers"". Since I found you, I spend several hours a day reading ALL of your many article from years past!

I have pressured canned beef, chicken and salmon (which turned out great), mineral oiled 8 doz eggs and today will be waxing up several blocks of cheese.

Your articles are awesome and easy to follow to the tee!

Thank you for all of the incredible effort and info you put into your site!! Your time is much appreciated!

I, too, saw you first on "Doomsday Preppers". After reading your post last June on Cheese waxing, I followed the link, but they no longer seem to offer the cheese Waxing kit. How, where, can I get one? Thanks for all the info!

I agree that that's totally a major BUMMER. They were only offering it as a special. However, given that my show featured that, and lots of folks are interested in it, I've begged, cajoled, and pleaded to get them to carry it again. I think I'm winning *grin*. I'll be sure to let folks know via Facebook and here when I get the word on it this week. Otherwise, there aren't any "kits" out there, only individual pieces that you can get from However, be sure to enter the Preppers Outreach Contest as one of the prizes being given away is 10 pounds of cheese wax and the cheese wax brush! :-)

I love your tips - I have saved a ton of money buying cartons of large eggs on sale for 78¢ a dozen and oiling & turning them!

My question - I got a really great deal on blocks of Kraft cheddar cheese blocks that I bought thinking about your tips on waxing. (I bought the mild cheddar thinking that it would be less sharp after aging than the already sharp cheddar.) Anyhow, it's sitting in my fridge because I don't have wax yet and I was wondering - what does the wax do that the sealed factory packaging doesn't do? It seems to be vacuum sealed and wrapped very tightly on the cheese and functioning much like the wax would. I can't find any info on the difference between the shelf life of the sealed factory packaging vs. waxing WITHOUT refrigeration. Any thoughts or opinion? Thanks for sharing your extensive knowledge of prepping!


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