You're Killing Me, Smalls

“You’re killing me!”  This is what I found myself uttering again and again as I read the comments posted on the Talk Show Host, Glenn Beck, Facebook page.  Apparently, unbeknownst to me because I rarely watch him, he had done a show today promoting preparedness.  I have to say I was truly shocked with most of the posts I read. For one, if people are that antagonistic towards him, why in the world are they on his Facebook page? (I wonder that same thing with some comments that get posted here, periodically.  As one woman put it once while encouraging me to ignore such naysayers “Hello! You rubbed my lamp!”—thanks again for that, by the way.)

So allow me to rebut some of the comments I saw on Beck’s Facebook page in this article. Perhaps you’ll find some benefit either for yourself or for that last stubborn holdout, family member that you’ve been trying to get to see the light for oh, so long.

1)      I saw so many folks saying that they couldn’t get prepared because they were unemployed or were barely paying the bills as it was now.  To me, reading excuses like that is nothing short of being SAD.  There’s nothing worse to me than to see a perfectly awesome person go to waste because they have been UN-educated in matters of self-reliance.  Don’t these folks know that there is an abundance of ways that they can get better prepared without costing them a dime?

Some schmuck on the page ranted and raved that Glenn was just trying to sell more groceries for his advertisers.  I’ll  going to tell you something folks that I haven’t shared with anyone yet.  As of this month, I no longer PAY extra out of my budget for HARDLY ANY of my preparedness supplies-- And it’s not all about coupons either.  I have officially found a way that I can get nearly everything I need without cutting into my monthly budget anymore.

OK. Sorry, but I just couldn’t go without saying that.  I’m not going to get into all of that because there will be some of you that don’t believe me; and then there will be some of you wanting to know what the catch is, so I’m just going to set that statement aside for now. Instead, how about I share with you all of the ways that you can be more self-reliant WITHOUT spending any money.

2)      Remember, preparedness is rooted in a foundation of spiritual and mental strength. When I say spiritual I’m talking about a person’s core system of values. When I say mental, I’m referring to knowledge, skills, mindset, and mental fortitude. If they look at their life as a victim who can’t be self-reliant in any way, then sure as shooting, when something really rough comes their way they are more likely to just roll over and die because it will be too emotionally and mentally overwhelming.  And yet this can be rectified with a whole plethora of possibilities including reading books from the library, attending church meetings of your choice, and attending FREE community classes that teach you skills that you can use for self-reliance.  The first time that you make a loaf of bread that only costs you a smidgen of money to make and have it taste ten times better than that garbage you’d pay for in the store, you can’t help but feel a little bit puffy-chested inside knowing that you have just snipped one more apron string.  When I stand in front of my shelves of canned meat knowing that I got them for Uber-cheap and bottled them myself, I can’t help but feel like thumbing my nose at whatever shenanigans DHS is up to this week. Knowledge is FREE.  Applied knowledge is FREEDOM.

3)      “The Mormons” do not have a monopoly on being prepared—nor do they have a monopoly on needing to be prepared.  (I really can’t believe I even have to say this.)

Let’s look at New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, Haiti, Chili, the Philippines, and a host of other areas in which Mother Nature has been no respecter of persons, race or religion. She’s not prejudice or a racist. She batters on everyone equally when she gets a mind to.  A serious earthquake is due for the Missouri/Tennessee area any day now, as is expected for the Utah area and California.  There were very few “Mormons” in the Boston area this past May when a “boil water order” was issued due to contamination of the public water supply. What are people going to do if a worse form of the flu virus takes on massive populations—especially those who are already suffering for a lack of work?  Regardless of a person’s religion, thirst, fatigue and famine tastes the same and it goes down rough!  Just because you know of a particular, even peculiar, religion that’s really into preparedness doesn’t mean that you are embracing the religion if you dare to take back some independence in your life. A full cupboard, bug out plans, being out of debt, and a spare water supply does not make you a particular groupie. It simply makes you wise.

4)      ANYTHING that you can purchase right now in the form of “necessities” will be significantly more expensive in at least 2 years, but more likely in as little as 6 months.  This is not a “the sky is falling” kind of statement. This is simply a matter of mathematics. When you have the Federal Reserve talking about infusing hundreds of billions of dollars into our economy, you know that the other end of that plan is hyper-inflation. In the past, hyper-inflation has been curbed in some areas because the Federal Reserve stopped informing We the People how much money was in circulation at one time (via the M-3 Report). So a lot of their playing with the international trading platforms and the U.S. Treasury money has been veiled. But now we have a blatant admission to messing around with the market and one of the primary consequences of that is super inflation.

5)      Preparedness has nothing to do with being your own private army of S.E.A.L.S.  It has nothing to do with your political beliefs.  And it certainly has nothing to do with being paranoid. It’s recognizing that things change, even those things which have been the same for your entire life.  Even more importantly they can change “on a dime” so to speak. Preparedness is simply about being ready for those changes in such a way that you can adapt positively to them and thrive in spite of them. Nowadays, I dare say that I thrive because of such opportunities.  I can’t say it enough.  There is nothing like the peace of mind and confidence that comes when I was able to “fix it, make it, discover it, do without it, forge onward in spite of it, or get around it.”  That whole “praying for the mountain to be moved” thing is not for me. I’m more about “praying for the rope and a pair of hiking boots” nowadays and I feel much more fulfilled emotionally and mentally in doing so. I can promise you that no one has an allergic or fatal reaction to self-reliance. It’s as addictive as a belly laugh if you ask me.

6)      Preparedness has nothing to do with hoarding or greed any more than always having a spare tire in your car does. It’s just that we are so used to instant gratification and fulfillment of what we want, when we want, that so many of us can’t fathom a time in which there was no such thing as microwaves, drive-thrus, and 24 Hour Service. It’s not crazy to have a spare tire in your car. Nor is it crazy to wear your seat belt, lock your doors, put your baby in a car seat, prepare financially for retirement, keep an eye on your credit card statements, or practice “safe sex.” In that same vein it’s also not crazy or paranoid to have sufficient food, money, water, and other necessities in your home so that you can be self-reliant in so many ways. Is someone who saves their money a lunatic? Would some really think that a person who is completely out of debt to be a hoarder or greedy?  Storing up on necessities for a rainy day is simply taking financial preparedness to a higher level as they are determining how much they will pay for a particular item in the future regardless of the economic whims of the day. Personally, I believe that preparedness is actually the opposite of greed; its very concept is rooted in charity as one prepares and is mindful of what others might need at some point in the future as well as ensuring that we don’t unnecessarily burden others as a result of our own lack of planning. We are all inept at helping others if we can’t stand strong ourselves.

Ironically, many of these people who whine and scoff about people who make an effort to be prepared are the same persons who believe the government owes them something, and that their parents are obligated to provide 24 hour free babysitting, and that a weekly allowance is a right, not a privilege. Preparedness is a critical factor in not taking everyone else for granted. In my opinion, the opposite of Preparedness is Entitlement.  An entitlement mentality never made a man or a country strong.

Just remember, step by step with a concerted effort will lead to a panic free and very successful state of preparedness. And that is something that I can personally 100% guarantee because I KNOW it’s a fact. Of course that doesn’t mean that challenges won’t come our way, but it does mean that we will actually be able to grow from them instead of being crushed into smithereens.


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You're preaching to the choir. But I sure like the tune! I thank the Lord that the LDS have made their experience and knowledge available to all. Like the Boy Scouts say, "Be prepared."

These are great responses! I like the money hoarding reference.
I had a family member say the other day that if things got bad and they needed food they could just come to our place. My response was- You have a savings account don't you, so if I run into any financial trouble I can just come get some of your money right? They sort of got the point but unfortunately not completely.
I plan my storage to share with family but I don't tell them that and they shouldn't expect it anymore than I would expect to use their savings.

Ah yes, one of my least favorite comments from the "unenlightened." Sounds like a great response on your part though!

Being willing to live the law of consecration may show up as giving the key to your food storage room to your bishop our loading it into storehouse. There is a spiritual law of detachment which is open handed with the gifts (food storage) which were given to us by God. Sure it was our faith which caused us to obey (it's fear for some), but the good book says that even faith is a gift. Consider your higher covenants and Mosiah 4- aren't we all beggars? Thats where trust in God comes in. when you are obedient, he will take care of your every NEED. We have to trust that. Hope you'll consider this as food for thought.

The book The Cleansing of America by Cleon Skousen is wonderful and he expertly sheds great light on the law of consecration. Bottom line, we will give all we have, and will be then given all that we need in return, accompanied by a stewardship. Anyway, it's a great one to read

I have learned so much from you Kellene. We are pro-active and not reactive. My Mom and me are bottling butter, canning, smoking salting and cornining food. Lots of salting and growing our own food. How is this bad? I've learned to bake grow a garden, have herbs growing in my kitchen, sprouting. Dean how is this bad?
Heck I want more folks involved at every level. Not dissen "survival mom" she's good but she ain't Kellene. This is a way of life/survival. It ain't a hobby, it can be life or death.
Go for Kellene's top 10 and rock on. It's not food or ammo or guns it's about attitude and knowledge. S510 can restrict us but they can't get my mason jars full of sprouts.
Dean if you think we are full of stuff and nonsense feel free to troll. Can you guarantee no power outage in the US? No Hurricanes, blizzards, ice storms or tornadoes. No one losing a job, or earthquakes. If we choose to eat, drink safe water and cook are we some how cheating? You can do what we do. We have links and classes.
I've dried burger, waxed my own cheese, canning chicken and bottling butter. Via Kellene and a bit of practice. Dean you may want to remember she is well armed and she is an instructor for "concealed carry" in Utah that is recognized in 35 states.

Jamie, Dean was merely quoting his friend, not his own beliefs. Easy there girl. The military is eeking out of you again. :-)

Jamie I must have written my comment poorly. I was agreeing with Kellene as I most always do. We too have gained many new skills and information from her generous sharing and this is a way of life for us as well. I apologize if I did not make this clear.

Dean, Jamie is our resident pit bull. :-)

Dean, your comments were excellent and clearly stated. I had no problem with comprehension. In fact, I plan on using the savings account/food storage analogy.

She also has backup.....

Awesome Post.Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

pleased to find a site where people are proactive not whiners!! I want ideas not problems. I would like to get more into canning. Not one person that I now know cans. More the people like Dan described. So we tell few that we are 'sort" of prepared. We still have work to do.

Just have to add my two cents about preparedness. I have been buying a little here and a little there for years now and just when I was starting to get comfortable with what I had, especially after taking the coupon boot camp class and putting it into practice, we had three weeks notice that we were moving to a completely different climate from AZ to WA.

As hard and painful as it was to try and decide what to bring with us and what to give away, I felt at peace knowing that what we were able to pack into that 18 wheeler (which included our cars) we would use, with the exception of perhaps our solar oven :'), and what we could not bring went to family members and people who were in need. We loaded up the back of my bil's truck, the back of a minivan of a fellow Craigslister, and still had enough to pass out to more friends.

I thought about leaving my jars and wheat but was convinced otherwise by a fellow Beckite to bring what I had. Now I am glad I did. I had bought seeds that were iffy for AZ but will work great for my garden in WA. I am LDS and so I have heard all the horror stories but the miracles too that come from food storage and being prepared for life's little and not so little storms. We have had both this past year and our food storage got us through it, to the point that my family did not even notice that mom was not buying a full weeks worth of groceries for several months.

As added insight I have gained, all of our belongings are in storage, so I have had to start from scratch. It is through the roof expensive to buy just enough food to get you by for a few days, so much so you might as well go out to eat everyday. My food bill this month has been crazy. What even bugs me more is that every time I want to make something, I realize the pans or ingredients are in inaccessible storage. This has added to my gratitude for the freedom food storage affords my family.

So if you are on the fence, jump off and right into this worthwhile new way of viewing preparedness. It could at the very least save you from uncomfortable bumps in the road.

Thanks for the heads up on Glenn's FB comments.
I can understand how folks might think that they are in a situation that might make it harder to become "prepared".
For example some here have mentioned things like canning their own food but a pressure canner is a big investment and some could not see that kind of spending in their life right now. However as you mentioned things like making your own bread is an inexpensive and pretty easy thing to do and the ingredients are pretty cheap but you to be willing to put in the time and effort don't you?
Same thing for putting in a garden...not so easy for folks who live in a tiny apartment but there is a way with things such as sprouting to add nutrition without a big garden.
Anyway, I hope we don't judge too harshly others who don't have the encouragement and help from someone like you!

Cathie, I agree that the canner, etc are expensive. I look on Craig's List almost daily looking for Canning supplies, and other tools. I recently found an almost new Grain Mill in the next town over for a nice price. I also recently found a local co-op and have ordered my first batch of grains at a reasonable price.

ok, Don't be cruel!!! What is this way to acquire everything you need without using your monthly budget??? don't leave us hanging...

bartering you labor? or other service/goods?




You're going to hurt my last feeling, Jake. :-) Don't worry. I'll be sharing with you very soon!

SIng it girl! Loved this post!!!

Especially this part:

"Ironically, many of these people who whine and scoff about people who make an effort to be prepared are the same persons who believe the government owes them something, and that their parents are obligated to provide 24 hour free babysitting, and that a weekly allowance is a right, not a privilege. Preparedness is a critical factor in not taking everyone else for granted. In my opinion, the opposite of Preparedness is Entitlement. An entitlement mentality never made a man or a country strong."

I agree 100%

I'm with Jake! I sure hope you're not going to keep us waiting for long for the complete "how-to" of this:

"As of this month, I no longer PAY for ANY of my preparedness supplies. Not one penny. And it’s not all about coupons either. I have officially found a way that I can get virtually everything I need (except guns and ammo) without paying anything out of my monthly budget anymore."

PLEASE, fill us in and *quickly*! ;o)

As a side-note, I'd like to learn more about guns and ammo. Do you have past articles that I should look up. I've never been a big fan of guns, but people change (a lot sometimes). I think we are nearing a point in our life that I will gladly allow a gun into my home. Have any useful tips or advice on that matter?

Crystal, Until I got way too busy with this blog, I used to write regularly for Women of Caliber. You can check out that blog for more info on guns and ammo. just go to

I watched the Glenn Beck show and told several of my friends to watch also. I'm been asking them to get prepared forever, so I thought this would be a good tool.

But I have to say I was a little disappointed for the opposite reason most people made fun of him for hitting this subject. I wanted him to go much deeper. I hope he gets into food storage more in the near future and gives the experts more time to get into the why and how-to.

And you are right about this not being about Mormons. However, since I (Baptist) started preparing 2 yrs ago, I've gleaned the most info from my LDS friends (online and in person). I've also seen that not all Mormons are prepared. I am thankful the LDS folks share this info outside their community.

Hey, Kellene, besides Glen Beck's show on preparedness, which I caught, did you see yesterday's show on the History Channel called Apocalypse PA? The entire family (albeit mostly the father guiding the reluctant familiy members) was learning how to make their own gunpowder, bullets (for blackpowder weapons), fuel for their truck (by burning dried horse poo)making their own still, growing and grinding their own corn for the still, and other items. I was very surprised thay had that on TV and I loved it, so would you. Maybe they will rerun it.

Nope, didn't see it. But sounds like I missed a good one. I'll have to try and find it on of elsewhere on the internet. I can also try to search via TIVO.

Wow! What an awesome article! I am LDS and am working (oftentimes diligently) to get a sufficient food storage for my family (who are not LDS). We are currently making changes to the house, and are including an awesome storage area for the food. (We live in an area where basements are not the norm, darn!)
Thank you for your comments. I did not see Glen Beck's program, but I couldn't agree more!
I, too, am looking forward to learning about how to get these supplies for free. :)

Excellent article Kellene! I have been preparing for two years. A lot of people tell me they can't because they barely get by from week to week. I tell them they can start with a dollar a week. Just buy a box of macaroni & cheese and a can of soup or container of salt, or can of fruit cocktail, etc. After a few weeks of spending that dollar a week, their shelf will start filling up. Walgreens is an excellent source to stock up on general merchandise. Every week I walk into the store, grab an sale ad and look in the back at all the freebies available. You buy the items to start and you get register rewards back. The next week, you take the register rewards and use them to buy more freebies. They also have coupons for grocery items, paper products, school supplies, cough medicines, aspirin, etc. in their weekly ad.

It is encouraging that at least one prominent personality on cable TV has not only brought up the topic of preparedness, but is promoting it. Glenn Beck has done this several times on his program. He has made the case that preparedness has value beyond the stereotypical TEOTWAWKI scenario and that events such as unemployment and hyperinflation are important reasons for doing this.

Kellene, I have a question. While related to preparredness, not to this post.....I think in the back of my mind I have heard you mention a buddy stove.... big buddy, buddy jr etc.....the are usable indoors and not that much danger.....Am I right or u know it is about 15 below here right now.....I could go next door......Wood stove.....but broke leg before could get it right.....nothing there but next big buy will be a very good sleeping bag.....however it would be nice if I did not have to leave the comfort of my house......what is your thought on the buddy heater ( small heater powered by propane tank......+) I am at a total loss here.....but this could make my life bearable......I have heard you mention this before.....please share.......and ps you and Glen are on the right track!!!!!!!!!!

Razr, it's wasn't a stove, it was an indoor heater. There are Big Buddy and Buddy Jr. I personally am all for this one!

We have the 'Buddy Jr". It is great and will heat up a room to toasty!! We're thinking of buying a couple for storage needs.

We really like it.

Love these responses, still checking your site daily for inspiration, knowledge, guidance, etc. I agree it is a life style and it is the life style I want for my self, my kids and my family. I will say as I look at what I've done over the last year and set up prepardness goals for next year I am including more skills and activities I want to learn and for my kids to experience, these are cheap or free and last a life time.

I dont agree with Glenn Beck and his rants and villification of people, but yes, yes, yes on being prepared! Been doing so for 20+ years, and we are doing great financially, temporally and spiritually. It does not matter how little you have, you must get our lives in order, and influence our families in the same mode.

I do apologize Dean. Perhaps I have seen to many trolls on the Internet and the little rebuffs from freinds and family. I really try hard to have a servent's spirit and then I reach up and grab them by the lapels and say bad words and ask are they paying attention? I suck at that! LOL I don't think Jesus had that in mind.
I know, bad on me please consider myself chasten. I do tend to get a bit exuberant in my urge to get folks ready. Mom keeps trying to persuade I can't shoot all idiots. LOL If for no other reason I don't have enough ammo.

I apologize most sincerly. I want you and others to survive, but as they have said my pitbull attitude can make me blind.

Excellent post and site, wow!

Anyway to subscribe to be notified when you make new posts? Looking forward to your purchasing magic (i.e no money needed) post...

Yup, just do the "subscribe to RSS Feed" and you're in. Also, if you want to be on our e-mail alert list, you can just e-mail Vicky at Vicky at Preparednesspro dot com.

@ razr Sportsman guide has all kinds of stuff at a very good price. You can google it.
For example; a little wood camp stoves $70.00, military surplus, solar panels, propane water heaters. It's huge site. More hardware and clothing than food and water basics.

I'm looking into the foodsaver system and definitely want the mason jar attachment feature. Which system would you recommend ?

I ordered the wide mouth lid jar saver and signed up for the "specials" from food saver. They do have a lot of good prices on attachments. I got the hose adapter jar assembly for around $10.00 USD. Got the food saver for free at a yard sale.

You should give Glenn Beck a chance look beyond politics. To get through this everyone needs to work togther. We are humans. I look into people to see if they have a good heart. Helping others and working will together with all people. Drop the stereo types and labels. Do it for one another. Minus the ones who are trying to control the world. We need to claim our lives and our rights. the power is in numbers not about how much money you have or how little. Good people are good people even the ones who may of made mistakes. I like what you have to say with the exception of the political views. Lets save humanity and inform everyone. We can stand up together and get back our freedoms and protect our earth that doesn't need to be protected it will cleanse itself. Open your mind.

The Bible speaks of lean years...somewhere.
In ancient civilizations, huge jars were used for storage of seeds, oils, wines...whatever.
We need to quit watching the junk on TV & see what we can do at home.

Oh my goodness... I just read this post (outloud) to my husband... Absolutely great!! Not everyone is "in the chior" as per the comments you receive but may soon join? I too like the words and tune :)
Also glad you have an "in residence pit bull, too"! Lol
I am not LDS however we've watched, learned and been inspired many times by Glenn Beck. When I see the ton of negative and insulting comments on his website.. I'm always flabbergasted and think if you feel this strongly and are so opposed to him and what he's saying, why are you here? (oh I know why)

It is not nor has it ever been about "how much money one makes, it's what we do with what we make".
Again Kellene, thank you.


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