Today's Object Lesson


by Kellene

Make sure you are getting enough Vitamin C

Well, folks. I guess I get to be today's object lesson in taking care of yourself with what's on the shelf, no transportation, and no medical assistance. I managed to get sick somehow, in spite of being extra mindful of germs and such. (Although I have had this same lady coming to all of my classes and she hacks a lung all during the class! Ugh)

Anyway, no article for you today. I'll be using my planned "quarantine care" of 1,000 mg. of chewable Vitamin C, , 20,000 IU's of Vitamin D3,--as per many studies I've read--diffusing Thieves essential oil in my room (Old fashioned candle version), spraying Thieves under my tongue, mixing up some nutritional Reliv drinks, and drinking plenty of filtered water. A hot shower and a box of Mrs. Grass Chicken Noodle Soup sounds pretty good right now too.  So, we'll see if home health care can kick a fever, chills,  and persistent dry coughing through diligent homeopathic remedies.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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Feel better. :)

Just rest, and get well quick. Thanks for everything.

Get well soon Kellene. Just to share my own folk remedy, I've generally had good luck with a few raw daily garlic cloves, finely minced through a garlic press, for cold and flu symptoms. Also consider fresh-simmered ginger tea sweetened with honey.

Feel better soon!!

Hope you're feeling better soon. My dad always used to make rum toddies for colds, and I can still remember as a little girl having one (albeit a very mild one) with a chest rub of vicks. Warms the cockles of your heart both inside and outside. Cheers!

Many Blessings to you and a speedy recovery!
Try to enjoy some down time with a good book :)

Sorry to hear your are sick. rest well, get better soon and blog only when you are up to it.

Have you considered using Sambucol? It is a wonderful supplement for URI type illness.
I pray you feel better soon.

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Ugh. I can't stand the smell of Sambucol. I don't drink alcohol and have never been enticed to do so cause I can't even stand the smell of most alcoholic drinks. You're a tough cookie if you can handle that, Teri. :-)

Don't forget to read Dr. Mercola's info on taking baking soda-works!

Thing good thoughts; let the stress of the world pass and just enjoy "being" for a couple of days. You are in our prayers!

Think, think... spell check :)

Hope you have a quick recovery - I am a real believer in the Vit D!!

Hope you feel better Kellene. If you put a little Miso in your chicken soup it'll give you a boost. Unpasteurized miso is a “living food” containing natural digestive enzymes, Lactobacillus, and other microorganisms which aid in the digestion of all foods, and which have been shown to ward off and destroy harmful microorganisms, thereby creating a healthy digestive system.

If you have sinus congestion a licorice honey cough syrup does the trick for me (and my mother in-law). All you need is 1/2 cup dried licorice root, bring the licorice root and 2 cups of water to a boil then simmer for 20 mins or till reduced by half, strain mix into a quart jar, then add 1/2 cup of honey or to taste. It'll last in the fridge for a month. Take one teaspoon of syrup as needed for coughs. One teaspoon every hour or two is probably a good rule of thumb for a stubborn cough.

Licorice is a demulcent that will help break up mucus settled in your lungs, and it is an expectorant so it will help expel the mucus as well.
Licorice is also a calming herb so it can help us to get our much-needed rest when we are sick. Besides all of this it has a wonderful sweet taste (50 times sweeter than white sugar) that makes your medicine a pleasure to take.

The honey is anti-microbial, so it may help relieve the cause behind your cough as well as soothing your sore throat if you have one.

If you want to learn more you can check out

To your speedy recovery!

God's blessings of health to you. I'm not sure of this, but I read somewhere that chocolates, flowers, maid service and backrubs are a vital part of the healing process. I'd get right on that if I were you. :D

Thanks for taking care of business with us even though you're not feeling 100%.

I am praying for your fast recovery . and i dito what Claudia say he he and garlic helps alot always works for me rest stay warm we will hear from you when you are all better .

ASAP silver solution from American Biotech Labs will kick this quickly for anyone. Take 5 teaspoons daily until the bottle is finished (about 1 week). The symptoms will start abating by the first day (within minutes for a sore throat) and the balance is to protect you from a rebound infection. You can get this at GNC (known as SilverBiotics), Natures Sunshine (MLM private labeled), Emergency Essentials (Utah and online), many health food stores, some chiropractors and online from Cost is $15-$25 per 8 oz bottle. This is a "colloidal" family product, but is THE best version I've ever used or heard of, being elemental particulates (non-toxic), as it is not ionic!

To Your Health, Dr Tom Grant, DC, Utah

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Thanks Tom. That was a part of regime as well as it's already on my shelf. :-)

I hope you feel better soon.

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Wow. I'm thinking that it was a good thing to be sick. You guys are sharing such great information with everyone else!
For the record, I'm feeling much better today, just a little crummy still. I actually was surprised how much better I felt simply by diffusing some "R.C." essential oil from Young Living. I hadn't used it before but read that it was helpful. And "sho-nuff" I did feel better. I did that with the Vitamin D3, chewable vitamin C every 2 hours, spraying Thieves essential oil on my throat, drinking tons of filtered water, and taking a bit of acetaminophen to bring down the fever. Just need to catch up on some sleep now.
Thanks so much to all of you for your well wishes. Glad we could all learn from this experience--a little something anyway. :-)

My Mom's recipe was a shot or Tablespoon on of Lemon juice, about 3 squirts of honey or a tablespoon and 1/2 shot of "Canadian" whiskey and hot water to fill a big mug.
I am sure it could be done without the alcohol. I do know that was about the only thing that would stop my cough. My mom suspects I may have had whooping cough as a toddler. It's been known to happen that after having whooping cough you cough more easily and much longer.
Two fluids that worked great for me was Hot lemonade and Hot "Tang" Yeah I know hot tang sounded weird to me also, but it works. Maybe lemonade made with honey instead of sugar and warmed up?

Sambucol isn't alcohol. It's elderberry syrup. It's an antiviral widely used in Europe and Israel.

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LOL...sorry Teri. It is also the name of an alcohol, and I thought that's what you meant. :-)


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