Breaking News: Milk, Cheese, and Butter

The Agriculture Department is raising prices on your dairy products. (How they have the authority to do this is beyond me, but for now, it is what it is.)

breaking-news-milk-cows-istock000003721058Farmers claim that it costs more to make milk than they get to sell it. Guess what that means? Can you say milk shortage?? In June of this year, The National Milk Producers Federation said they would PAY farmers to slaughter diary cows in order to manipulate the prices higher based on “supply and demand.” (Despicable, I know.)

Michael Swanson, chief economist at Wells Fargo, told Bloomberg, "The milk price remains well below the total cost of production."

Cheese is expected to increase in price SIGNIFICANTLY as is butter. What does this mean to you? Start buying cheese and butter while you can afford it, and then wax or can it so that you can have it on hand!

breaking-news-challenge-butterBy the way, on the internet you’ll find .50 cent off Challenge Butter coupons, $1.00 off coupon of any two pounds of cheese, plus a .75 cents off coupon of a gallon of milk. (There’s also a .75 cents off of any kind of yogurt.)

To capitalize on these coupons, go to If these offers don’t work for your zip code, enter in 84097. You may also want to use zip code 19542.  Albertson’s has a double coupon out this week making your cheese, butter, yogurt, and milk VERY affordable. Limit is printing 2 coupon per computer.

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It would be really, really helpful if you linked to the press releases or hard news articles that you use for posts like this one. It would really help those of us trying to convince skeptical family members of the need to prepare!

there are 3 links I posted in a previous comment on this article. They are dated but they led me to research this more thoroughly. However, as I've said in previous articles, the assumption that I get my information off of the internet only and not from personal face to face or library resource information is flawed. :-) That makes posting the links a bit challenging. I'm trying though. I'm trying.

Thanks Kelly for the info! In this case I feel for the farmers, therefor I am willing to pay more.

This is unconscionable.... Added to the rest of the transgressions against our Liberties that are coming down the pike, this is absolutely criminal, both in it's conception and intent. And not a peep in the mainstream media! When will the sheeple wake up....

This scares me because cheese was already giving me sticker shock. Thanks for the info.

UGH, I hate to hear this! We use a lot of cheese and butter. I can barely keep a store of it as it is.

it is fine to feel for the farmers but this is another example of why mono cropping doesn't work. Dairy farms need to be doing something else along with milk. Like kellene said it is a matter of supply and demand. There are just too many people producing milk. not to mention that the toxic stuff you get in the grocery store is not worth drinking. If the .gov got out of the milk business and would allow farmers to sell milk direct from the farm, just think how much more they would make. Instead they have to sell it to a bottling company where it is ruined and them put in bottles, shipped to stores and sold.

sorry for the rant..

If possible, you need to find a local contact for fresh milk directly from the producer. Research the benefits of raw milk and why processed milk is not the best for your family and health. Once you get the milk it is very simple and economical to make your own butter and cheese. If you do not live in the city, get a couple of milk goats. Our goats give about a gallon / day each and we were able to cut our grocery bill by about $300 per month (after deducting the feed cost out). The goats cost us about $12 / head / week in feed. Our son even had to take his own milk with him to cross country camp.

Challenge butter is rBGH (rBST) free, even though it's not organic. It's the only non-organic brand I've seen in my part of town that is hormone free.

Oy. One more thing DC thinks they are smarter than we are about! Where's the best place to get cheese wax???

The prices keep changing dramatically. I'd check with and then do a little google search for comparisons. I also found some good prices on Amazon if you can believe that.

Why do you think you have a right to purchase your food below the cost of production? Don't you realize that if you don't pay the farmer enough to cover the out of pocket costs of producing your food, you will pay it through your taxes, or through the environment or through the health care system. Somewhere the actual cost of growing food has to be paid. Small farmers can't afford to subsidize their customers food bills out of their own pockets, so they go bankrupt or sell out to Monsanto or Cargill. That's crazy. What are you going to do when the rest of the world is willing to pay the cost of production for food? Its already happened with electricity and fuel.

A farmer

What in the world are you talking about?? Your rant is making no sense to me.

You obviously don't know much about farming, and particularly dairy farming. Farmers have been taking it "in the shorts" for years. I personally know several dairy farmers, and they're barely making it. It's not because of supply and demand, it's because of government policies that are deliberately putting small farmers out of business. They subsidize agribusiness, allow corporate interests to write policies that small farmers can't live with, make onerous regulations that make no sense (unless you're into control), and on and on an on. This started in FDR's time, btw, when the local granges were deliberately undermined by USDA policy, for the stated purpose of LIMITING THE NUMBER OF SMALL FARMS. Wake up and smell the toast burning.

When the government interferes, driving up the cost of milk production, the answer is not to force people to pay more for their dairy in order to give the farmers a profit (slaughtering perfectly good animals in the processs). The answer is to get government from interfering and artificially driving up the costs to farmers and consumers--not inviting big government to muck it up more!


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