Celebrating With a Shirley J Giveaway!


--And the winner is.... Robert Slaughter!
Congrats, Robert!!!

While I only provide 2 or 3 articles weekly on here faithfully, I am much more active on our Facebook page in providing timely articles, info, answering questions, etc. since the news and information is more likely to be relevant on a time-sensitive basis. If it’s relevant to the Ten Principles of Preparedness, chances are that I post it there.

We keep growing and growing on Facebook (www.facebook.com/preparednesspro) in our number of “likes”. As a result our influence on the numbers of other people that see our posts is increasing significantly! Recently we had a post that was seen by over 45,000 people in the first hour alone.  That kind of exposure to our message—the virtue of being self-reliant and peacefully prepared—is  exactly what I work for every single day.


I’m tickled pink, but also surprised that we’ve hit 10,000 like so quickly. Shortly after Doomsday Preppers aired last February, I got really excited that we broke 2,000 likes. But we’ve just kept growing everyday.—finally breaking 10,000 likes today!—that’s quite the feat considering the nature of our topic (it’s not Hollywood smut which has the greatest following in the social media world) and considering how many times I have to kick people off of there (or ban them) for inappropriate comments or spamming!  (You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff I’ve seen…*sigh*)


When we broke 5,000 likes some time ago, I made a promise that when we broke 10,000 I was going to do a giveaway, and so here it is. Are you ready??


 The Prize!

I’m going to award a PACKED Shirley J Gift Box to one lucky winner AND I’m going to award 5 different individual Shirley J products to FIVE other winners.


Grand Prize Winner will receive:  32 oz. Whisk Bliss (winner can choose gluten-free),  8 oz. Onion Seasoning, 8 oz Chicken Bouillon (winner can choose regular or vegetarian), 8 oz. Beef Bouillon, 8 oz. Barbeque Sauce,  8 oz. Pizza and Pasta Seasoning, one 12 oz. Sourdough Bread Mix, one Whisk Bliss White Cheddar individual pack and one Dessert Crème individual recipe pack and one Double Chocolate Dessert Crème individual recipe pack and lastly, one 32 oz. Timeless Grains Cereal (cranberry/almond)! (so good as a cereal or in a cookie mix, etc.!)


These are the BEST kinds of products that I just love, love, love to use in my kitchen! If you haven’t fallen in love with Shirley J product just yet, their amazing pricing, their shelf-stable nature, the fabulous tastes that even 4 and 5 star chefs love, and the nasty items which they leave OUT of their foods, you haven’t lived. You’ll understand why I’m such a chipper cook in the kitchen when you have these fabulous products to work with. Your tongue will definitely be doing the happy dance!


Enter To Win!


To enter to win in the drawing, all you have to do is write a simple comment as to why you like Preparedness Pro.com! That’s it. It can be 5 words or 5 sentences, it doesn’t matter! You must include the name “Preparedness Pro” in your comment though.


Shirley J Giveaway CONTEST DATES


The contest begins TODAY and runs through October 31st—nice TRICK OR TREAT, eh? The drawing will take place on November 1st and prizes will ship out that same week via USPS.


And The Winner Is…


How will the winner be selected? The first person drawn randomly from the all of the entries will be awarded the Grand Prize and the next 5 persons drawn will win one of the FIVE 8 oz. seasoning products offered by Shirley J.


The Rules


Here are the rules: You may enter only once which means you may comment only once. No foul, crass, or in appropriate language may be used. You MUST use the phrase “Preparedness Pro” in your comment.  YOU MUST provide us with a working e-mail address when you post your comment. Winners will be notified via e-mail. You must provide us with YOUR mailing address within 48 hours of your winning notification. If you fail to do so, your prize will be forfeited to another winner. So be sure you keep checking back here. All entries must appear on the Preparedness Pro site; You must be 15 years of age or older to enter and ONLY one person per household can be selected as a winner. Each person may ONLY enter one time. So it doesn’t matter if you have 5 different e-mail addresses, you may only enter one time. This is not a contest for those struggling with schizophrenia.  We will be paying attention to the ISP signatures of every entry. You may only enter ONCE. If you are found attempting to cheat you will not only be disqualified but you will also be banned from PreparednessPro.com and our Facebook page. Cheating just ruins it for everyone—this is a HAPPY occasion so let’s keep it happy. OK?


Let’s have some FUN and keep getting our message out there!!


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