BREAKING NEWS: Mandatory Evacuation for Parts of New Jersey

NOTE from Preparedness Pro: TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY! Remember: There are MILLIONS of dollars that your leaders are automatically halting as a result of this evacuation--millions of dollars that they need especially in this economic environment. The fact that they are "pulling the trigger" on this evacuation should NOT be taken lightly! You know they wouldn't walk away from all of that money if they didn't feel like lives were genuinely at risk if they didn't have to!

Breaking Weather News: Mandatory evacuations are returning to portions of NJ ahead of a nor'easter that's expected to strike the Garden State on Wednesday.

Some barrier islands are still under a mandatory or forced mandatory evacuation order; other communities impacted by Sandy are looking to have their residents head to safer ground just in case the nor'easter strengthens more than expected. Brick Township is one such example.

The Brick Township Office of Emergency Management has issued a Mandatory Evacuation for all residents that reside in the low lying waterfront areas of town that are prone to flooding and/or storm surge by Tuesday November 6, 2012 at 6:00 P.M.

These areas include but are not limited to;
• Midstreams neighborhood East of Jordan Rd.
• Area of Island Dr. in Cedarcroft
• North & South Dr. (Metedeconk)
• Princeton Ave. East of Beaver Dam Rd.
• Cedarbridge Manor East of Lions Lane
• Vanada Woods
• Eagle Pass
• Sandy Point
• Tilton Rd
• Cranberry Cove
• Swan Point Park including Beaton and Gale Rd.
• Baywood East of Pilot Dr. and Mandolay Dr.
• Cherry Quay South of Tiller Lane
• Sailors Quay off of Pleasant Dr., North Pier and South Sailors Quay
• Waterfront Property in Mallard Point
• Seaview Dr. & Seaview Ave in Seaview Village
• Shore Acres
• Seawood Harbor
• Waterfront Property in Bay Harbor

Residents whose homes that do not fall into the Mandatory area that have been damaged and/or affected from Hurricane Sandy are strongly encouraged to evacuate.




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