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Carrot Cake Jam Recipe

If you’re the least bit curious what I’ll be conjuring up in my kitchen this weekend, it’s this new recipe that my friend Holly shared with me today. Carrot Cake Jam. I mean really, with a name like that, how can you NOT love it, right? If you’d like to join me on this journey, here’s the recipe that Holly swears is her very favorite and is worth the effort. And considering that she’s staying up until stupid o’clock to finish her canning of this concoction, I’m going to have to believe her. Besides, she’s never led me astray previously.


E-Z Butter Biscuits

This recipe for biscuits will be the easiest you’ve ever made. With only 3 ingredients you won’t believe how much of a buttery powerful taste they will punch.

Just a hint, to keep your Bisquick from going rancid or tasting stale, put the entire bag of Bisquick in a ½ gallon Mason Jar, prick the bag in a couple of areas with a fine pin, and then extract the oxygen from the jar by using a FoodSaver with the wide mouth Mason jar attachment. Your Bisquick will last for years and years.


Salmon Cakes with Homemade Basil Mayonnaise

One of the picture perfect entrees I made for the Doomsday Preppers filming were salmon cakes made from shelf-stable foods. Unfortunately though, they were adequate at best...definitely missing something. Thanks to wonderful friends who didn't see fit to make it known on national TV that the salmon cakes were probably not as enjoyable as the rest of the food. As a result I decided that I was going to find the PERFECT salmon cake recipe. So I began to scour my umpteen hundreds of recipes in books, files, and on the internet.


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