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The Progressive Preparedness Journey Part 1 of 2

Over the course of the next 99 days, as a part of the “100 Days of Prepping” series we’re doing, I hope to take you on a little more scenic, and often missed journey of a self-sufficient lifestyle. I hope to take you to some of my favorite “spots” on this journey and most memorable and lasting impressions I’ve received along the way that have transformed all that I am from the simple position of “food storage” to the more advanced position of living a peaceful and very fulfilling self-sufficient life.  


The REAL Reality

In outlining the Ten Principles of Preparedness, I’ve lightly addressed the first Principle, that of Spiritual Preparedness. While I make no secret or apology of the fact that this is a website based on Christian fundamentals, I rarely take on the topic of strengthening our Spiritual Preparedness in this forum; I guess because I don’t see myself as any sizable authority on a matter that’s so personal.

Everything You Need To Know About Oils/Fats--Part 2

Part 2 of 2

What oils and fats should you be including in your long-term pantry? How can you include quality oils affordably? How can you best store oils and fats? Which oils and fats are the healthiest and the most versatile in the kitchen?

Today we continue our exploration into this topic as Part 2 of yesterday’s article. I suppose I could have included it all in one article but I wanted to do some of my favorite fats/oils justice and not abbreviate or eliminate key information all for the sake of saving space.


BREAKING NEWS: Mandatory Evacuation for Parts of New Jersey

NOTE from Preparedness Pro: TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY! Remember: There are MILLIONS of dollars that your leaders are automatically halting as a result of this evacuation--millions of dollars that they need especially in this economic environment. The fact that they are "pulling the trigger" on this evacuation should NOT be taken lightly! You know they wouldn't walk away from all of that money if they didn't feel like lives were genuinely at risk if they didn't have to!

Sweet Potato Cobbler

Sweet Potato Cobbler


I was reminded of this recipe that I had tried successfully some time ago with an e-mail in my inbox. I think it was a reminder that I need to share it with you all.


Sweet Potato Cobbler


2 lbs Fresh Sweet potatoes, peeled, sliced ¼ inch thick

3 ½ C. Water

1 ½ C Sugar

3 T. All purpose flour

½ t. Ground Cinnamon

¼ t. Ground Nutmeg

¼ t. salt

¾ C. Cold Butter, cubed



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