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Question: Would Hitler impact your preparedness today and if so, what would you do to STOP him from doing so? Or do you believe that if Hitler were around today it would have no impact and no place in the magnitude or pace at which you work to prepare your family for tough times ahead? Knowing what you know now, would you have the courage or determination to stop Adolph Hitler if he were still in power today?  What if he were doing to your own country what he did to so many others? Would you...
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When it comes to shot placement breathing is critical and is the ultimate determining factor on whether or not you make your shot. Don’t forget to EXHALE when you shoot!     Breathing Control for Superior Shot Placement preparedenesspro.com     Have you ever had such a hectic day, you’re nearly certain that you forgot to even breathe?  Thank goodness that it’s an automatic physical response in most cases. Otherwise I know a lot of busy, frenzied women in my life who’d be passed out in their...
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It's not often that one finds a stand-up person to wholeheartedly admit mistakes with no intent to deflect the brunt of the wrongdoing, but this evening I received this note of apology from the author of the article which appeared in the Deseret News today, which article had cast doubt on the legitimacy of the "halting of canning" article that was so widespread amidst   Deseret News Issues Correction Apology PreparednessPro.com     the media and the gossip trees of the LDS Church. I want to...
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Deseret News article actually substantiates the Preparedness Pro story regarding the changes to LDS Church Canneries   This evening I was e-mailed links to an article posted by the Deseret News. While it seems to be written to “debunk” the story which I published over the weekend that the LDS Church owned canneries East of the Mississippi would be halting the canning of goods in their facilities, anyone with any reasonable reading comprehension skills will see that instead of debunking...
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  An official handout of the Greensboro, NC LDS Cannery, given to all patrons earlier this week. Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved Preparedness Pro     Breaking News: LDS Canneries East of the Mississippi to HALT CANNING! Update: The conclusion which I lay out in this article regarding the changes to the canneries made to the LDS Church Canneries has actually been verified with a recent official press release with respect to the fact that the canneries will HALT canning but does NOT affirm...
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  Mental Preparedness Preparing for Fog of War PreparednessPro.com   The term “fog of war” is heard frequently amidst the fighting terrain of our soldiers.  In the middle of a shoot out between our forces and enemy combatants, time seems to warp, speed up, and just plain stop, depending on which soldier you speak with. This phenomenon is a result of the mind assimilates all that is going on around them at the time of a high adrenaline state. This altered state doesn’t just occur on the...
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I frequently hear how people plan on "hunting" for their food in a crisis or they are stocking up on the fruits of their present hunting endeavors but seem to be finding it difficult to make creative dishes. So I thought I'd provide one of my go-to methods for cooking elk or venison. I  will also add that this recipe is surprisingly good over salmon cakes. (I know! Who knew that salmon and cranberries got along so well?!)  I adapted this recipe from one I found in an old cookbook of a famous...
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    A typical Mittleider Garden (courtesy of Food for Everyone.org) Notice the wide aisles which cut down on pests without cutting down on production.   What if you could take your little spot of yard space (as little as 20' x 50' footprint for a family of four) and turn it into a highly productive spot that could not only provide premium quality food for your family but even help to financially SUPPORT your family too?!  It's possible IF you have the benefit of the knowledge of THE BEST...
seed box
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What’s the LEAST you can get with the LEAST amount of money and still be able to take care of your family’s nutritional needs? Today I share with you the simple, affordable bare bones so that you can eliminate some of the overwhelming feelings that the current worldwide events might be causing you. After today you’ll have a very simple, cost-effective plan to fully address your Food Preparedness needs.   With all of the mayhem going on all around us, it has a tendency to make some people...
Map of North Korea
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  Grant it, Mr. Shorty Pants in N. Korea does come across as a petulant child who says “I hate you” only to stomp off and get distracted by a bright shiny object somewhere else, but unfortunately, in spite of the lulls between the moments of saber rattling, I have some genuine concerns that the several nations of the world will find themselves involved in a war with N. Korea and here’s why.   Though it’s long been known that the U.S. dollar is no longer backed by gold, most persons don’t...


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