10 Jan 2009 by
Filed in Food Preparedness
Many individuals I speak with about emergency preparedness are concerned of the cost of getting prepared and the amount of space they have to store everything.  Today’s article is just one way you can be successful at improving your state of preparedness without being paralyzed by cost or space. In the fall, garden seeds are typically marked down dramatically.  Are these safe to buy and store without immediately planting them in the ground?  Well, usually, the answer is yes.  I’ll clarify in...
08 Dec 2008 by
Filed in Water Preparedness
Recently I’ve been inundated with requests from readers to know how I’ve personally prepared for the future.  These requests have come about as a result of my blog post of Gerald Celente’s economic forecasts (see link here).  In fact, I’ve even created an entirely new blog called Preparedness Pro, devoted exclusively to emergency preparedness in the categories of food (including cooking), water, first aid, self-defense, finances, and emotional preparedness.  Be sure to add Preparedness Pro to...


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