freeway, smoke
24 Feb 2014 by
Filed in Mental Preparedness
Recently, there was a fire in an industrial area of Phoenix.  It was a huge fire, and it required over 100  Fire Fighters to respond.  There were explosions and thick black smoke that was seen from all over the valley.  This fire was near two very heavily traveled freeway overpasses.  Traffic was flowing normally when the fire broke out.  That quickly changed as the smoke became so thick that they had to limit the lanes of traffic that could proceed. I had a dear friend who was stuck in this...
Raw sewage backed into the shower
17 Feb 2014 by
Filed in Clothing & Shelter Preparedness
Today I'm sharing a story that was shared with us by one of our readers--specifically in dealing with raw sewage that can back up into our homes. For the record, I strongly advise that people become familiar with how their sewage system works for their home. If it's city sewage, it runs the risk of filling back into your house in the event of an electrical outage, flooding or other malfunction--especially given what a disaster our nation's infrastructure is in presently. If you have your own...
vitamin E pills, synthetic
12 Feb 2014 by
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Stocking up is about more than just having something good in the (likely) event when our money becomes worthless. It’s quickly becoming obvious that there are many aspects of our lives today that will be faced with a crisis of existence, not costs. My little brother has always been a particularly enterprising person. Somehow he learned the value in having something that other’s wanted but which was in short supply.  I particularly recall his savvy business skills on display every Halloween....
recipe box
31 Jan 2014 by
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Today's recipe comes from the recipe box of my mom.  This was one of her go to dishes when she was participating in a potluck.  It was always a hit and she always went home with an empty dish and requests for the recipe.  This would be an excellent addition to your menu for this weekend with the big game happening.  Another great thing about this recipe is that it has only two ingredients, and yes it can be made from my pantry.   Enjoy!   Chili Cheese Dip 2 cans of your favorite chili with...
snow, airplane, travel
23 Jan 2014 by
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The news as of late does a great job reminding me why preparedness really does need to be an everyday focus. We’ve clearly seen that we can’t stop thinking about preparedness just because we are going on a vacation to Paris.  Look at the consequences that so many are enduring all because of the winter season behaving like a winter season. How about all of the travelers all over the world that were stranded in 2010, all because a volcano in Iceland from across the ocean blew its top?   So, today...
freeze dried fruit
16 Jan 2014 by
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Tired of feeling like you're wasting expensive freeze-dried food? I’ve heard it a hundred times. “I hate seeing all of those crumbs at the bottom of my cans. It's so much waste!” This is the standard concern that a lot of good boys and girls have who actually USE their freeze-dried products instead of just storing it in some deep, dark corner.   “Why would you use it?? It’s expensive!” you say? Oh, horsefeathers! You need to actually use what you have so that you’re completely familiar working...
raw pork chops
10 Jan 2014 by
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This was one of my first ever recipes that I discovered as a teenager. When I started dating, I'd frequently make this recipe to impress the boys and it worked! It's still a favorite of mine today but I make it with either fresh or canned boneless pork chops. I can the pork chops raw, in a wide mouth quart mason jar, with all of the pieces cut as large as I can keep them and still get them to fit into the jar. I just stack the pork chops on top of each other and separate each one with a piece...
09 Jan 2014 by
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2014 will be the year of self-employment on Preparedness Pro. Sure, I’m going to continue to write regarding ALL of the 10 Principles of Preparedness, but this year I feel a sense of urgency, coupled with a strong passion, to really help make a change in the lives of our readers—specifically when it comes to creating and being able to rely upon an independent revenue stream.   Far too many people view the words “self-employment” as some out-of-reach, risky proposal that only the most learned,...
01 Jan 2014 by
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Preparedness Mythbusters  What? You mean Wikipedia and Snopes and the ramblings on Facebook could be wrong? *ahem* When times get tough it’s no time to discover that you may have put stock in some nonsensical homespun tale. Preparedness Pro understands that acting upon correct information is just as important as preparedness efforts. So below you will find some of the more common myths we've heard and we'll be sure to add more as we encounter them. Myth: Rotate your water storage every 6...
Tomato soup, recipe
20 Dec 2013 by
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Brrr it is cold outside and when the weather is like this there is nothing more warming from the top of your head to the tip of your toes than a pot of hot, steaming delicious soup. It just hits the spot.  So, today I am double dog daring you to make this soup and not drool over it!  Make sure you have some crusty French bread to serve with it.  And YES it can most certainly be made with shelf-stable foods including powdered sour cream, cream cheese, powdered whipping cream (that you can get...


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